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  • its been a minute
    Hear Me Roar

    Because Its Been A Minute

    Hey Loves, It’s been a minute. More like a month of Sundays since I’ve written anything. It doesn’t mean I’ve been without things to write about, but I’ve been focusing my…

  • Hear Me Roar

    My niece is incredibly gifted!

    She came over to help me take down my braids yesterday. We watched movies and just talked as we worked. Picked up like we never stopped talking and having this ongoing…

  • Limitless, My Word for 2016
    Hear Me Roar Women in Business

    My Word for 2016

    My Word for 2016 Just like every year, I’m always excited for a fresh start and opportunity to change what didn’t work, to improve on things that worked well and to…

  • Hear Me Roar

    I Got My First Grey Hair

    So….I got my first GREY hair!  I’m guessing it’s been there a while, but it’s perfectly placed right by my ear so it’s hidden when my hair is down.  My reaction wasn’t…

  • Hear Me Roar

    My Ideal Day Off

    The reality of this statement is that my body has a mind of it’s own and would probably debunk any plans of this nature. Since I live in Kansas City, I’ve…

  • Hear Me Roar

    Made with Code #CodeGirl

    This year, 5,000 girls from 60 countries participated in the Global Technovation Challenge. Their task? Create an app to tackle a problem in their community – all from the ground up.…