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Because Its Been A Minute

its been a minute

Hey Loves,

It’s been a minute. More like a month of Sundays since I’ve written anything. It doesn’t mean I’ve been without things to write about, but I’ve been focusing my energy on something new. Of course I can’t wait to share it with you, but here’s some updates on my life in the meantime…


Lately, I’ve been overwhelmed by an intense feeling of gratitude. Just a few weeks ago I’m laying in bed and all of a sudden the waterworks are turned all the way on. I mean I was just thinking about how grateful I was and all of a sudden the faucet was on full blast. Now, I’m not the big boo hoo crier, but the silent quick sniffer. If that makes any sense. lol. But real talk, God is so good. At times it can be hard to focus on the positive with everything that is going on around us and in the world today. But you have to carve out a place and cleave to hope and create solace there.  It will keep you sane – I promise.

The Kiddo 

His greatest show of affection is often in the midst of throwing shade my way. He’s getting hair on his chin and I’m doing the whole embarrassing mom thing, as he searches my chin for hairs. I had to tell him, “don’t do me little boy”. We have some of the best laughs at my expense. I don’t mind it though. I’m so freaking proud of the man he’s becoming. I’m such a lucky mother. I was 19 when he got here and its been a journey, the best one yet.


I set some very vigorous goals this years and although I may not accomplish them all, I feel pretty good about setting the intention in the first place. If they don’t happen this year, there’s always next year or the next. Life can be unpredictable but the beauty in life is that if you just keep swimming, you’ll eventually get to your destination.


Is there really a timeline on how long I can call my move to another State a transition? I don’t think so. I feel settled in some sense, but in others I’m still very much in transition. There’s a ton of growth that’s happened. I’m a planner so the fact that I’m becoming more comfortable in ambiguity just reflects the fact that I shifted my dependence from myself to the one that can really make things happen. There’s a surety there thats unlike anything else.

Make a Difference

If there is anything I want to do for you and for you to in turn to do for others, it is to make a difference. To stand in the gap and speak for those who do not have a voice. To be a light, to be a comfort to those who are in desperate need to belong. Not to fit into other’s standards, but to be accepted fully. With that being said….GET OUT AND VOTE!

Love you!




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