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As women, we love to look good, smell good and feel good. A big part of looking good has to do with our hair. Here's how you can keep your hair looking amazing with these simple tips.

Prep at night! Did you know that the best hair styles can be the ones that require the least amount of effort? I've achieved the most beautiful stress free, heatless curls just by pin curling or using foam rollers on my hair at night. Plus, the less heat the better. The best part about prepping your hair at night is using the time in the morning for other things. I love to use the extra time to make a cup of tea or do a few stretches to get my muscles moving. Which brings me to my next tip....

No Heat. Well, the least amount of heat the better. Using heat does not automatically mean that your hair will be damaged. However, if your hair is unhealthy it does increase the likelihood that your hair could experience heat damage due to the excessive use of heat. In that case, it may be best if we all just limit the amount of use to protect our strands. If you do choose to use heat, try not to use heat appliances at a temperature above 400 to 450F.

Next tip...

Stay Hydrated. One of the well known secrets to beautiful skin, nails, hair and overall health has a lot to do with drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated. You want gorgeous healthy hair? Sometimes it could be as simple as taking care of yourself. Our body needs plenty of water to function. Plus, it's summer time ladies which means our bodies will need the extra water due to the heat. Keep a BPA free water bottle with you this summer to stay hydrated. ---Not just for your hair, but for your overall health.

Condition your hair. After a good shampoo, don't forget to condition your hair. Especially with the summer heat among us. Conditioning your hair is a great way to keep your strands moisturized, to repair damage, and keep your hair healthy. I know its an extra 5-10 minutes, but its the time you really don't want to miss. Plus, it gives you a great return on your time investment. That I can vouch for 100%.

Use a dry shampoo.  If you are ever between washes, a good dry shampoo will not only refresh your hair and leave it smelling amazing, but its also easy to use at anytime. Dove is just one of those brands that I absolutely love and can vouch for when it comes to their products. They take their time to develop products that women love and want to use for every part of their body.

Dove Hair Care

You can find Dove's Dry Shampoo in the hair aisle in your local Walmart. Their dry shampoo not only refreshes but also cares for your hair by nourishing it.

Did I mention, it smells amazing! I don't know about you but I love when people hug me and tell me immediately that they love the way my hair smells. However, if you prefer the unscented so that it doesn't distract from your normal perfume, that's fine as well.

The sample size is also perfect for hair maintenance on-the-go.

Check out Dove's Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo along with their many other items available at Walmart and share with me a few of your own personal tips that you use to keep your hair looking amazing. 





21 thoughts on “Keep Your Hair Looking Amazing With These Simple Tips

  1. I love Dove products. I always tell people that my hair is my best feature LOL, so I have to take really good care of it.

  2. Using a dry shampoo is something I have yet to try out. I don’t do a lot to my hair most days so using dry shampoo would be great. My daughter swears by dry shampoo.

  3. I never thought about drinking more to make my hair better. You have some good points. I have no idea why I have not thought about how good water is for your entire body. I will definitely drink even more to make my hair thicker and healthier.

  4. I have been looking for new ways to fix my hair as it keeps flying away so the next time I am at the store I will check out these new items closer as I love using Dove Hair Care products.

  5. I love all the tips that you shared. I think staying away from products that use heat especially this summer is really going to keep your hair healthy and looking amazing!

  6. Dove body wash, shampoo and conditioners are a staple in my bathroom. The conditioner keeps my hair hydrated and looking healthy. Keeping my hair conditioner helps me keep my natural curls poppin’.

  7. Dove body wash, shampoo and conditioner are staples in my bathroom. The conditioner keeps my hair hydrated and keeps my natural curly hair poppin’

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