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#RefreshYourCar and Your Mood with these Scents

While I don't think that any one of our five senses are less important than another, I really can appreciate the sense of smell. It's the olfactory sense that powerfully helps us link smells to our brains' memory, emotions and so much more. Just think about the benefits of aromatherapy.

While driving in my car, I noticed that my last air freshener didn't have a scent. Actually the scent had faded a while ago and it was past time for a new one. Luckily for me Refresh Your Car® was ready to meet my needs with their Vent Sticks and Mini Diffusers.

Refresh Your Car

Much like I did when I started reorganizing my home to meet my need for inspiration and tranquility. I wanted the scent in my car to meet specific needs as well. I needed to feel calm (especially in the TX traffic) and I wanted a scent that would help my mood. I'm naturally drawn to sweeter scents so I wanted to start there.

I really think all of the Refresh Your Car® scents smell amazing, but the one that I was immediately attracted to and couldn't stop smelling was Island Coconut. It's the kind of scent that's subtle, but also commands attention. It's soft and sweet and not overpowering. Not only is it cool and calming  but the coconut scent has been proven to reduce stress. Island Coconut also makes me think of sweet paradise. It offers me a mini escape. For the brief moments throughout the day that I'm driving I get to think about back rubs, fruity drinks, sand and sun

Refresh Your Car

Just like I found the perfect Refresh Your Car® scent to fit my needs. I think you should take the time to find your perfect scent as well.  Experiment with scents to identify which ones appeal to you. Learn what smells pep you up or allow you to relax. Refresh is ready to help you delve into what scent is best for you with their scent choices.

There are classic and tropical scents like Perfect Peach, Fresh Linen, Lexol® Leather, and Island Coconut or you can try their innovate scents that combine two of your favorites together. I adore the the Wildflowers & Love smell, but there's also Fresh Strawberry & Cool Lemonade, Alpine Meadow™ & Summer Breeze™, Lightning Bolt™ & Ice Storm™and Citrus Sparkle™ & Summer Splash. Browse their full collection here.

Find it in stores here.

Refresh Your Car

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15 thoughts on “#RefreshYourCar and Your Mood with these Scents

  1. I can’t live without scents in my SUV. I cart three kids around – and a lot of teenage boys. Their stuff smells bad and so do they after being in school all day long! haha

  2. Oh we love Refresh, they smell so good. A while back Walgreen had a big sale with them and I purchased a lot of them. The smell last long also, great for eliminating odors.

  3. I need to get these for my car, my kids and their sports gear has been making my car not smell the greatest. I want something to hide the odor that is sweaty kids in my car.

  4. I like to keep my car clean and smell clean. Though I am so choosy when it comes to scent I do not like the too strong or too flowery or fruity. I would like to try this product.

  5. Having the right kind of perfume in the car is very important. Especially on road trips. We like subtle scents that are not too overpowering and smell natural.

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