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In Excellent Order: My Word for 2018

My Word for 2018

It took me a while to define my word for 2018. I knew I didn’t want to rush it and I knew it would come to me in due time. This word is absolutely perfect for the season that I’m in.  I was on @MsWrightsWay’s Instagram page when I saw the post that said, “Everything Is Copacetic” and I just knew. It was like I found the missing lyrics to my heart song for this year. I for sure didn’t want this year to be like any other. Also, it had been a long time since I heard or even said the word. This is what actually made it catch my attention.

My Word for 2018 is Copacetic!!!!

Copacetic means “In Excellent Order”. Let me give you a little background into why I chose this as my word for 2018.

First: There were so many words that resonated with me as possibilities for 2018. Words that would demand more from me, challenge me, and push me, but I wanted this year to be of purpose. I also wanted to breath and take in my new surroundings and be purposeful in my interactions rather than forcing myself to do anything.  I had defined 2016 as the limitless year and it was just as I had defined in many ways. 2017 was defined as a year for strategy and quite a bit of strategizing definitely happened and happened very early in the year.  However, if I could really define 2017 in hindsight I would call it my Pivot year. Simply because it was the year that I finally said enough was enough. It was the year I listened and obeyed my spirit. As 2017 was coming to a close I continued to get more and more confirmation that I was exactly where I needed to be. Here’s just one piece that I read that provided confirmation.

“In 2017, You were supposed to get clarity on what’s not working. This was the year that didn’t hold back: you saw what doors was closed, you saw people’s true colors and intentions, you saw which business ventures were becoming fruitful and which weren’t. You couldn’t fool yourself if you tried to this year, the only question was how long would take you to finally choose to pivot”.

Half way through the year, we packed up and moved from my home town to a new city. Now we’ve embarked on an imperfect journey. Its caused us to think and move differently but most importantly to embrace every moment —the good, the bad and the ugly. When I think of the word copacetic it continually reverts my mind back to remind me of God’s providence in my life. In the past, presently and in the future as well.

Copacetic is the word that will consistently provide grounding, support and comfort.

The word that will drive out fear, and force me to open my heart, close my eyes and embrace the moment because it’s all happening in excellent order.

When choosing a word for the year, be true to who you are. Make no movements or declarations out of fear, but move in strides of where you want to see yourself spiritually, mentally and physically. Prepare yourself, grow in love and accept the power there is in acknowledging that everything is copacetic.



What’s your word for 2018? Have you chose one? Is this something that you do?

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