Shift The Focus To Your Strengths

Shift The Focus To Your Strengths

Shift Your Focus To Your Strengths

I read Strength Finder at the perfect time. I’d spent years prior focusing on my weaknesses and trying to turn them into strengths. I was so determined to make these weak areas stronger because I felt as if there was no room for weakness in my life. For a period of time there was nothing or no one around me that told me that I should focus on my strengths instead of making my weaknesses stronger or trying to rid myself of them all together. By doing that, I was ignoring the very thing that would change my view about myself.

Here’s a quick example. One of my strengths is Input. I’m inquisitive, I love to research things. I bring value to anything I’m apart of because I know just enough to be effective. The things I don’t know I will research and then research some more until I do know. I’ve taught myself to do so many things and I’m fascinated by how much I learn. This is my greatest strength because I don’t let the lack of knowing stop me. Not knowing something excites me. I love education and will always be a life long learner. I saw a side effect of this as a weakness – i.e. the fact that I keep so much. You can read more about it HERE to follow the full story go back to THIS post. However, all I  needed to do was organize the information in a way that I could access it. I’ve got that! Now I’m able to focus on my strength and not be weighed down by what I perceived as a weakness. 

Reading Strength Finder was a huge revelation for me because it helped me understand one of my weaknesses was actually tied to my strength. Focusing on that helped me get free and helped me get better with organizing it. 

We have too many strengths that go to waste because society tells us to eliminate our weaknesses. Weaknesses are not seen in the greater part of a whole yet they are seen as a piece that is not wanted. Its the culmination of strengths and weaknesses that makes us great people.  

Shift The Focus To Your Strengths

16 thoughts on “Shift The Focus To Your Strengths

  1. We all have certain gifts and talents. Some we recognize immediately, others we learn by doing or taking classes over time. Always recognize weakness but don’t dwell on them. Strengthen them and focus on strength.

  2. I think I am constantly battling working on my weaknesses and don’t stop, long enough to see what my actual strengths are. Strength Finders sounds like something I would benefit from.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful read. I think organization and management are two of my personal strengths, but those also lead to perfectionist tendencies and a big Type A personality.

  4. Focusing on your strengths is so important. If you focus on your weaknesses too much, you can never work with what you’re good at.

  5. Indeed a great way to live especially this new year is to change our perspectives in life. Yes there are strengths and weaknesses in all of us but it is how we deal with our weaknesses and make use of our own strengths.

  6. Great to know what you have learn. Before I also use to focus on turning my weakness into strengths but learning now that it is not the right thing. I have to take time to read this too. Thanks for the link.

  7. Oh my gosh! You’ve just sparked a light bulb in me. What am I doing destroying myself by focusing on my weaknesses? I have a lot of strengths and I think I’m doing myself a disservice by not making them stronger. I love this! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. This is such a positive, thought provoking post. It is so important for people to see the cup as half full and focus on their strengths so that they can build upon them rather than being crippled by their weaknesses.

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