Rest Is Essential

Rest Is Essential

Rest Is Essential

Rest Is Essential

Our bodies need rest. It’s not an option, its a necessity.  During rest, we experience the best setting for our body and mind to heal and recuperate.

Sleep has come under scrutiny as the years have gone by due to sayings like “I’ll sleep when I’ll die” or “Sleep . One thing that lack of sleep will do is create an unhealthy lifestyle that will compromise both the body and mind in the process.

“Peace of mind remains but a dream without quality sleep” – Unknown

What typically happens when we don’t sleep or get the rest our bodies require is that we hit rock bottom and typically its at the most inopportune time when we need to be on our game. I’ve personally experienced this enough to know that creating a healthy balance between the grind and rest is key.

Sleep or lack thereof affects your energy, ability to cope, your emotional balance and even physical vitality.

Did you know that Sleeping Pills have become one of the most prescribed drugs? We’ve gotten out of rhythm with our bodies’ need. The thing is if we listen to our bodies we can catch it, but busyness causes us to ignore the signals. Competing priorities cause us to put other things at the top of our lists.

The recommended amount of hours per night is around 7-9 hours each day. Most of us do not achieve anywhere near the recommended amount of rest. However, achieving your goals will require the balance. You’ll sacrifice many things in the process of striving to reach your goals, but try not to compromise rest. 

Before I jump into tips on how to relax before bed, I want to tell you about REM cycle sleeping. If you absolutely can’t do 7-9 hours of sleep each night try to complete a REM cycles of 90 minute increments. REM sleep happens during this final stage of sleep when you are dreaming and experience rapid burst of eye movement (hence the name). Sleeping within these increments will allow you to awake feeling rested. Use this sleep calculator to determine the best time to go to sleep and still feel refreshed based on the time you need to wake up. 

Now, here are a few tips on relaxing before bed:

  • Avoid strenuous activity late at night as this will reactivate your energy.
  • Try some stretching and deep breathing to get your body into a relaxed state.
  • Get all your tasks out of the way by a certain time so that you can designate a “turn off” time.
  • Great natural aids to sleep are chamomile tea with honey (the honey aids in creating natural serotonin which in your body).
  • Hot detox baths before sleep with a little epsom salt and lavender oil
  • Darken the room. The pineal gland can detect the absence of light and natural. Sleep masks and blackout curtains are going to be great for this.

Please remember,

Everything is a process. If you fall off, just get back on! Making sleep a priority doesn’t have to be such a hard task. Just make room for it in your life.

Sending love and good vibes to you 😘!

19 thoughts on “Rest Is Essential

  1. Proper sleep is so important for our overall well-being, and is something I try not to neglect by getting a minimum of 8 hours each night. I’ve found switching my electronics to night mode helps a lot too.

  2. I don’t know what it is, but it really feels like everyone is short on time. There is so much to do, and just not enough time to do it all. We push ourselves too far and beyond our limits. I know that personally, I find myself not getting enough sleep most of the time, staying up late to get work done (especially as a blogger – I push myself to stay up late because I can be productive after the kids go to bed). It is so important to get some quality sleep!

  3. I so agree, rest is important. I know if I’m not fully rested that I am completely out of it. I make sure to set time aside to rest, and I always try to get enough sleep. But with kids that easier said than done.

  4. Sleep is such a necessity. But in the mad rat race that we are living in, this sometimes becomes a scarce commodity. It is prudent to ensure that one gets the minimum required quantity of sleep.

  5. I take my sleep very seriously so this was good to read. I try to get 7-9 hours whenever I can but I wish it happened more than it does! My husband is weird and can function on very little sleep but I try to tell him it’s not good for his health.

  6. You are oh so right. I am constantly focused on making sure my kids get enough rest…why don’t I look out for myself like that? I really need to get more rest in 2018.

  7. Never underestimate the power of a good siesta. Babushka is blessed that she can take her siesta as soon as she needs it. Except when The Grands are visiting, but that’s an exception BB’s glad to have.

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