Purpose is Calling

Purpose is Calling

Dear Beautiful,

Purpose is Calling!

Purpose calls you by name. It makes no mistakes. There can never be another you or anyone exactly like you. Yes, there will be many people who may be able to do what you do, but none can do it like you. One thing about purpose is that it’s never just about you. I would also argue even further to say that it really isn’t about you.

Your purpose is to love, to give, to make a difference, and leave your footprints across the earth. Your footprints don’t have to be huge, but every little act makes a difference. Rather its being the person who smiles all the time or the guy who sings on the bus stop. There will be some who think your life has no meaning. Some will be annoyed, but you may just be the person that reminds someone of the beauty of joy and save them from the unthinkable.

Our purpose is what we each have to find and then do it to the service of our Creator, our fellow humans and the future generations that await this world. Our purpose is to leave people, places and society better than it was before. 

Be a light, be a vessel, be a smile, be a hug, be an advocate. Whatever you do, know that your life has purpose.  – Mellissa 

Purpose Is Calling

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  1. This was a great reminder! The past few days I’ve been busy doing my preparations for the new year. I’ve been running around gathering some of the tools I know I’ll need to meet some goals, and in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of preparing, this post helped to bring me back to my why. I needed to read this post today! Thanks for sharing!

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