Plant Seeds

Plant Seeds

Plant Seeds

I hope this topic fills each of us with the desire to plant more seeds. I hope it inspires us to do more to give back to people, communities, and future generations. I hope that we all think differently about planting seeds.

_For every seed planted, something grows. _

 A seed is a sign of hope for something new to come. As a seed is planted it begins to take root to build its foundation and grow into something bigger with the ability to produce more for others. 

The three questions that we all should be asking ourselves in 2018 are…

How can we give?

How will we give? and

Who will we make life better for?

Giving doesn’t have to always be monetary. The most valuable thing we have is our time and when we give our time to someone else it WILL have an impact. 

Sometimes we just need to get involved with something that someone else is doing to plant seeds. We don’t always have to be the person that’s leading it to just show up and be apart and an additional helping hand of support. 

There are far too many things happening in our society today to have a mindset that revolves only around ourselves. The law of reciprocity is to give in order to receive. I know that giving can be fulfilling at its core, but beyond that I believe that its our responsibility to be a person that gives. 

Here are just a few ways to Plant Seeds: 

  1. Volunteer you time with Big Brothers Big Sisters as a Big or a similar organization. I do understand that time isn’t always available. However, another consideration would be to donate your time to speak to children and encourage them. Its a short amount of time with a big impact. 
  2. Give monetarily. I know that planting seeds in someone’s life and within your community doesn’t always require money, but the fact is that money does help. Plus, there aren’t going to be too many organizations/services  that would refuse the financial support. There is a great need. 
  3. Put aside a set amount of cash per month and use the money as a scholarship for a freshman entering college for the first time or a single mother returning to school.

However, you decide to do it, just do it to be a blessing to someone else.

Planting seeds have transformative power for you and for others. When you plant seeds they have a return for you and for those around you. 

If no seeds are ever planted, what can our future generations look forward to? 

Plant Seeds

19 thoughts on “Plant Seeds

  1. I agree that it’s important to be a planter of seeds. I’m involved with several charities through my church. I give my time and money to help those going through difficult times.

  2. If a tree has to be cut down plant at least one to replace that tree. We love our gardening. Planting seeds and watch them grow into beautiful flowers or editable veggies.

  3. I love this so much! We volunteer and donate at our local foster care shelter. I think it is so good for my kids to learn to do this now!

  4. Love! There are so many life lessons that I’ve learned through volunteering. Serving those who are underserved is humbling and helps to keep me grounded. I’ve even found ways to use my hobby of couponing to help those in need. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love this idea! I remember planting tree seeds when I was a kid in Sunday school, I wonder what ever happened to them?? I would love to get more involved in my community and help out more!

  6. How inspirational this post is. I am confident I have planted the seeds of kindness and charity in the hearts of my children. It warms my heart when they readily volunteer to help out in medical missions and relief efforts.

  7. This is such a beautiful thought. Plant seeds that are people and you produce a lifetime of benefit. I know if you can set aside a little money per month it would help. But however you invest in people, it’s important.

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