Get Back Up

Get Back Up

Get Back Up

Quick Tip: Get back up!

That blow was never meant to take you out. Yes, it may have made your knees buckle as you felt overwhelmed by it.  It may have even made you cry, start all the way over from scratch, or made you lose more than you gained.  

However, one thing that I need you to do is “Get Back Up”.  You’ll never truly understand what awaits you around the corner if you allow distraction or even failure to stop you. It’s your life. Even when the outcome looks bleak, you can still be victorious.

19 thoughts on “Get Back Up

  1. We learn so much from our mistakes and failures and it’s sometimes hard to get back up. But, it’s something we must do. I like to read about all the successful people and how many times they failed before they made their dreams come true. It always gives me hope for the future.

  2. Once we fall, we can’t just lay there on the ground and do nothing. We have to stand up and keep trying until we make it. I think it’s one of the things that we must learn. Getting back up is not easy but it’s essential.

  3. I love that quote! I want to write it out for my kids to see, finding words to articulate such power is amazing! I am always trying to better my kids (and myself) so having this mindset is really important.

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