Find Your Flow

Find Your Flow

Time is precious which is why it’s so important to get the most out of your time. Finding your flow is about reaching your optimal state of consciousness in which you feel and perform at your very best.

According to Mihály Csikszentmihályi, when a person has found their flow, they are completely engrossed in the optimal creative experience and, without making the conscious decision to do so, lose awareness of all other things: time, people, and distractions.

When people are in their flow, they’re able to crank out projects and tasks with ease producing some of their best work. This is why finding your flow is a topic we want to address when discussing making preparation for the new year. 

My grandmother used to say,”You can’t get blood from a turnip” which means that you can’t take something from something that isn’t there. Money also doesn’t grow on trees but that’s a conversation for another day. Back to the topic at hand.  In order to get into your flow you have to be filled, inspired, motivated.  You have to find the things that trigger your inspiration.  So let’s talk about things that can help you find your flow and get you to your optimal creative consciousness.

Find Your Flow

Here’s a few tips. 

  • Set the Atmosphere.  Create a space you can be comfortable and productive in. This includes temperature, comfortable seating, lighting, and even clothing. Do you rock a favorite shirt, sweats and fuzzy socks or something else?
  • Find your inspiration. Typically reading a book or a few pages or even looking at art are ways to trigger inspiration. I find my inspiration in two places; the museum and the library because being surrounded by books or art plugs me in. 
  • A Favorite Magazine or Editorial. Usually magazines are chocked full of imagery and articles that are sure to inspire. I remember being on a airplane and finding tons of inspiration in a Southwest Flight Magazine. 
  • Decor. Clean spaces automatically puts me into a good flow. If I’m in an area clear of distraction with lots of natural light shining in, I can easily find my flow. Another things to think about is colors. Are there certain colors that charge you and spark your creativity? 
  • Music. I’m still trying to hone it on what music allows me to tap into my flow faster. I have my favorite music but I also have music that makes me a little more productive than others.
  • Greenery. Many times fresh plants and greenery even flowers are a great point of inspiration.  
  • Boutiques. Shopping areas, Boutique Hotels, Pottery Barn, etc. 

I could go on and on about places that provide inspiration, but decide what it looks like and feels like for you so that when you are ready to be your most productive, you know how to tap into your flow and get things done. 

20 thoughts on “Find Your Flow

  1. I really need to do more of this. I am so stressed out these days that I can hardly function. I love how you put all that information there to inspire us.

  2. Setting the atmosphere is so important when trying to find your flow! When I’m writing, I want peace and quiet. I love music but not when I’m in my flow and need to concentrate.

  3. I definitely agree with setting your environment in order to find your flow. A couple of years ago I read the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and it inspired me to search for joy in my environment, and to also be mindful of what I allow to occupy space and energy within my environment. Something I’m still working on is how to balance my environmental needs with the needs/desires of my family. This post has insipired me to take some time to reset my environment in preparation for a productive new year. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is an interesting concept. I don’t usually put too much thought into my surroundings, but it makes sense. It’s kind of like how clutter makes us anxious, or good workout music gets you moving. I’ll have to be more aware about these things.

  5. As a blogger during the holiday rush, I need to work a little better on finding my flow! I think some instrumental music will help get the groove going

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