Clear The Way

Clear The Way

Clear The Way

Clearing the way is about getting rid of the clutter in your life. You can look at today’s content as being simple and sweet but it is hardly such. There are plenty of things that create clutter and we will look into several of those now.

Unforgiveness – Forgive those people and even yourself in order to clear the way. If the goals you set for this year are rooted in an ought you have against someone, you aren’t doing it in the right consciousness.  Setting goals in order to get back at someone is giving them the power over your life. Even setting goals so that you achieve more than “that” person is not setting them in the right spirit. Do it for yourself.

More on unforgiveness; it can fill up your heart and be a block that doesn’t allow better things to come in. We want the abundance to fill our homes, hearts and family so free yourself. Quiet as it kept, many of us think that we have no issues in this area.  But take the time to take a second look you might be surprised.

DeClutter Your Space – I moved from 3 bedroom 2 car garage home in Kansas City to an apartment in Dallas,TX. In KC there were rooms to fill and enough garage space for plenty of storage. I had to get rid of a TON of stuff to move into a two bedroom apartment. But guess what? It’s actually still too much stuff. I quickly realized how having less has been a blessing, but there’s still some purging that needs to be done to get me to the place where energy can flow freely. This is just good practical feng shui of any home. The purpose of not having clutter is so that energy is flowing freely, your mind is clear, etc.

Next, go beyond your space main spaces (bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen) and look at your closets, your car, etc. I do know that this could take time and that is okay, but make the decision in your mind that you will have clear/ decluttered spaces in this year.

You can either talk to Messy Marva, Negative Nancy and Debbie Downer, gradually weed them out or cut them off. Keep in mind, everyone goes through tough seasons in life and they may not be this way all the time. However, if this behavior has been consistent and every time you’re around any one of them, you feel drained or disheartened… then its time for some changes. 

Making Room for Better – If you don’t remember anything else – the more negative and unnecessary things you don’t have in your life, the more room you have for positive, necessary things that nourish the essence of who you are. 

Actively Seek Clarity – This is not to be confused with finding clarity. Actively seeking clarity means that it is ongoing. Seeking clarity in your life, vision and daily purpose is going to give you the energy of a pointed focus.  Seeking clarity doesn’t make you pause in your tracks or get you stuck. Seeking clarity just means being very intentional about what you want. You never end up with the short end of the stick if you are actively seeking clarity around what you want in your life, on a day to day basis, out of each task, venture, business contracts, etc. This part is going to take some work I know, because a lot of us aren’t used to being this specific or even knowing what we want. But that stops this year. Clarity isn’t something that will always remain the same. It isn’t rigid but it is steady. It is your grounding. When you are clear you have a base from which you can expand.

Lastly, sometimes in order to clear the way you also have to move out of your own way. I wrote a post about this a year a so ago. Even though I’m giving Tyrese a side eye right now this blog post is worth a read. 

21 thoughts on “Clear The Way

  1. I have BIG trouble forgiving people. I tend to hold grudges for life and honestly, it’s because I just don’t know how to let things go.

  2. Simplify is my word for 2018 and this post goes right along with my goals for 2018. I’ve taught my kids to always forgive even when it’s hard because unforgiveness only hurts you.

  3. Couldn’t agree more about clearing the air and starting new. Totally clean and new for the New Year. Less stress and just think how much happier we would be.

  4. I need to practice decluttering a bit this year too. I live in a 1200 sq ft condo and I somehow have used up like 90% of my closet space … and I was in a 1 br apt. before this so I’m not entirely sure how! There is surely clothes, etc. that I can donate.

  5. I really like this post. It does remind me that I do need to learn to clear the way and give myself more clarification and what I want in my life. I do have my own business and sometimes it takes over.

  6. I love this idea of clearing the way. I made what I call a commitment to myself in November. I will no longer allow other peoples issues get me down. I refuse to be brought down by people who won’t help their own self, all I can do is commit to me and help my own self 🙂 It has freed my mind up so much that I have started heading in a very positive direction.

  7. I think it is important to clear out the old to make room for the new. This is true for both our physical and mental baggage.

  8. I love this way of thinking! I am a big fan of looking at what is going on in your life and seeing ways to change or improve for the better. I also love the idea of starting fresh, we all get in ruts that can feel impossible to get out of.

  9. I am working on decluttering our home. I work on a small space at a time. Hopefully before mid-January, I would be done with everything! Looking at messes make me frustrated so I am assigning myself this task of cleaning it so I can clear up my home and my mind as well.

  10. I personally have a hard time forgiving. I know it would make a world of a difference, but still it’s hard to “let it go”.

  11. Good post! I am working on a few of the things you mentioned to prepare for bigger and better 2018. I have a friendship that I must reconcile, and after reading this I’m starting to think that the reconciliation is going to have to start with me forgiving myself for allowing the friendship to get to the condition it’s currently in. Thanks for sharing! Your posts always help me to self-reflect.

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