Simple Elegance – Beautifully Understated Decor

Simple Elegance – Beautifully Understated Decor

The more in harmony you are with the flow of your own existence, the more magical life becomes. Adyashanti




Lately I’ve been obsessed with simply yet elegant decor. Yes, those understated pieces that still manage to make a huge statement without a hassle. I’ve been researching fengshui ways to create simple elegance within my home. The idea of simple elegance is one that looks natural. Is classic and timeless and not only does it look good, but it makes you feel good as well. I’ve put together a few tips on creating simple elegance within your home this holiday.

  1. Keep it Simple – The simpler the better. I understand why minimalist feel so much more free, happy and refreshed within their spaces. It provides them with a place to unwind that isn’t full of distraction. More does not always mean better. 
  2. Make room for humanity. Use your favorite books as a part of your decor. I’ve added candles, oils, perfumes, but there are tons of others things that can be added. Add some Kleenex as well. You can’t be so hung up on fitting in so much decor in that you don’t make room for the necessities.   Plus, Kleenex has these lovely boxes that blend in with your theme.  Rather it’s chic decor or modern decor, their new designs do a wonderful job of adding to any decor. I have a lot of eggplant, white and grey in my room and was able to find the perfect boxes. My son’s room is full of greens and grays and we were able to get some to match his decor as well. 

3. Have fun with it. Bring in your personality. Bring in your charm and bring love into your decor. 

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