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Are You Committed To The Practice of Self Care?

Self Care Commitment

I’m in the process of writing a new book for you ladies. While I’m so excited about the freedom and love the content this book is going to bring.  I’ve been overwhelmed with deadlines, the perfect name, the content, etc. In the process of putting it together and my desire for it to be great, I naturally gave it a good portion of my focus. But it wasn’t long before I found myself dehydrated and not feeling well. After days of putting it off the fact that I wasn’t getting enough water, my body had enough.  I started nursing an ongoing headache and with that came the feeling that I didn’t even have the capacity to concentrate long enough to produce anything of substance.  At that point, doubt started to creep in and while starting to deal with countering that and the questions my mind began throwing at me.  My anxiety started flying high and my shoulders became clinched to the high heavens with the stress of it all.

So here I was stressed, overwhelmed, dehydrated with a headache and the negative self talk was trying its best to find an opening to come on in.

As this avalanche of symptoms, doubt and bullcrap were building and everything was appearing to be sliding downhill. All I could think about was self care. The self-care that is extremely important to me. The self-care that I write about and encourage other’s to do.

While I understand the importance of it, I also understand that its sometimes easier said than done. So I had to ask myself this question…

Are you committed to the Practice of Self Care?


I came to the realization that in order to be successful in any business or in life in general self-care has to be a commitment. It has to be an item on your to-do list each day. Even if the practice of self care is meditating for 10 minutes before your children come home about how grateful you are to have life. It could even be grabbing a bottle of water to keep with you to stay hydrated at all times.

Self-care is like an at home preventative care treatment and when you take the time to do what you need to do, instances like the one I told you about become less likely.  My dreams and vision for the future are put at risk if I don’t change the way I view self-care. It has to be a part of my life in a way that is sustaining.

I am committed to the Practice of Self Care. 

I hope you’ll join me and commit too.

I’ve created a free workbook with tips on getting you there. Just click the download link below. Add it to your cart and checkout to receive the immediate download.


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