How To Relax & Enjoy the Holiday Season

With Christmas being around the corner, you're probably thinking about two things.

1. Great gifts for your friends and family members.

2. How to keep it together with the hustle and bustle of the season.

If either option or both of those apply to you, here are a few tips on How To Relax & Enjoy the Holiday Season.

When Adult Coloring books hit the scene many were surprised with how well they took off. Adult coloring books flew off of shelves and even online creative entrepreneurs were able to benefit from creating coloring books as well. Also around the same time Sip & Paint activities were becoming really popular. These store front paint shops were still emerging on the scene but now they're just about everywhere.

Who knew that women would love these activities as much as they did and still do.  Each of these activities have become an extremely popular and relatively inexpensive way to enjoy time with family and friends. In addition to spending time with family and friends, it's also the perfect date night in or out.

Sip & Paint activities are a popular way to relax, create fun and artistic pieces while enjoying a glass of wine and making new memories. It takes place in a warm and relaxed atmosphere where you are surrounded by friends and strangers alike while creating art.  I still remember the first time I went painting for a friend's birthday. It ended up being more fun than I had originally anticipated. We were laughing and joking and all the while getting to be creative in a way that many of us hadn't in years.

Adult Coloring Books also provide a creative outlet to help you relax and reduce stress. Many of the drawings/patterns within the book are very intricate, so it helps keep you entertained for hours.

Wente Wines

Next time you are thinking about How To Relax & Enjoy the Holiday Season. Think about giving gifts that you or the women in your life will enjoy.

Give your loved one a gift card to Sip & Paint and then send them to class with a bottle of delicious Went Wine.


Purchase an Adult Coloring book along with one of Wente's many flavors (Morning Fog, Riva Ranch ChardonnayRiva Ranch Pinot Noir and Charles Wetmore Cabernet Sauvignon) and create special holiday memories.

Wente Wines

Check back for more easy ways to Relax & Enjoy the Holiday Season.

17 thoughts on “How To Relax & Enjoy the Holiday Season

  1. You have some great ways here. I can only enjoy the season if my shopping gets done and wrapped before Thanksgiving – so that is one less thing to worry about for me 🙂

  2. Relaxation is not a big word in my vocabulary! I really do need to learn to sit and relax and maybe grabbing one of these coloring books with a little bit of wine would be a great way to do that.

  3. I love going to the painting places, I have my “masterpieces” hanging in the living room. I found that coloring gave me more stress than it should have. Deciding what color I wanted and did I use this color too much was sending me over the edge.

  4. Adult coloring books are so relaxing. I have one but I haven’t done more than 5 pages. I wish I had more time though. This activity really relieves me of stress.

  5. My mum loves colouring, she always used to wade in our colouring books when we were little and did not want you going out of the lines lol Her eye sight isn’t as good these days so the adult colouring books are too small for her to see so last year I got her a kids colouring book and she loved it lol definitely a great gift, even as adults we love to colour. This year I have got my sister an adult Harry Potter colouring book. I really want one too

  6. I love adult coloring books. One of my favorite ways to relax during the holidays is to make Christmas crafts at the table near my tree. My crafts aren’t Pinterest worthy, lol, but they’re fun to make!

  7. I am already falling prey to the stress and anxiety of the holiday season so I am so glad I came across this. I have found that unplugging really helps, and getting into my pajamas and cuddling with my kiddos.

  8. I think for me the best way to relax this holiday season is… to try and get more naps.
    I don’t really enjoy all the complicated patterns and things I’ve seen in most adult coloring books, but I don’t mind kids coloring books. XD

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