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It's no secret that we tend to choose cars based on our personality, how it makes us feel and even the image that we want to portray. Your attitude and lifestyle help to persuade your decision in what type of car that you choose but often the color will tell you a lot more.

With over 70% of world car sales, the most common car color purchased is white followed by black, grey and silver.  Red, blue, brown/beige cars tend to range between 7 and 10% with all other colors amounting to less than 6% of world sales. People tend to really enjoy quizzes and test that can tell them more about themselves. It's always a little bit of fun to see whether something is on point or lacking in its knowledge of us. The car colors we choose tend to do the same so let's learn a little bit more about ourselves based on the car color we choose.

What Does The Color Car You Choose Say About You?

White (The most commonly sold car color) - People who choose white cars tend to be Pristine. Pristine tends to mean squeaky clean. People who enjoy pristine things tend to also be people are clear and direct. Don't beat around the bush with them, they deal better with honesty and clear communication.

Pearl/Cream/Beige - The color has a sophistication to it. People who choose this color car represent a combination between White and Black in that not only does is represent pristine, but the sophisticated nature of this person also has calm power. They walk into a room and you notice them, but not because they are doing things to draw attention to themselves.

Black - Black represents power. It's considered classic and the driver of a black car likes things simple. Don't overcomplicate simple subjects with this person. Although this person enjoys simplicity, they also love a good challenge. It keeps them on their toes and interested. They tend to enjoy being in charge and are quite naturally good at it.


Gray - A person who drives a gray car tends to be practical. Forget about theories or ideas, this person prefers evidence based outcomes and enjoys facts. This is funny because its quite the opposite of what gray typically means in life scenarios.

Silver - A person who drives a silver car can appreciate a little bit of flashiness. Gold and silver have a bit of elegance that these drivers are drawn to and just enough flash to set them apart.

Red - Red is a very daring and outgoing color. If people who wear red want to make a statement, the same is true with a person who drives a red car. If this person is not outgoing or daring, they want to be and this is there way of doing it.


Orange/Yellow - Artistic & Fun. These are people who love art, have great personalities and enjoy to have fun, humor and laughter. Their individuals and march to their own beat.

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