5 Tailgating Essentials with Coleman

Tailgating has always been one of the funnest things to do with your families and friends before a game. Typically you do save a few bucks by doing your own thing, but that's not the only reason people do it. People do it for the fellowship, the camaraderie between people of shared fandom. And they do it for the full football experience. Football season is just not the same without spending hours in the parking lot at least once a year cooking, laughing and preparing for the game ahead. With football season starting we are all ready to take the plunge, bear the cold (depending on where you live), and risk losing our voices in order to celebrate our love of the game. So here are 5 Tailgating Essentials With Coleman. 

1. Let's talk coolers!

While transporting your food items from your home to the stadium, you'll need a good cooler that will keep everything perfectly cool until you're ready. People pack tons of non traditional items to set them up for the perfect tailgating experience. If you can think of things that people wouldn't consider packing, think again! Sometimes its about the challenge as much as it about the experience. From specialty meats, amazing desserts, stuff to make stove popped popcorn, etc. People are ready to have a good time and bring all their favorite things into the mix and the cooler is essential to making this happen. There are tons of great coolers on the market, but then there's also Coleman's tailgating collection with all the coolers and items you need for the perfect tailgating experience.

2. Good seats are essential!

When you're tailgating one of the most important things you need are good chairs. If you're thinking about bringing the standard folding metal chair, don't! You may not understand it now, but you'll thank me later. Tailgating is all about comfort and enjoyment. You need good chairs like these Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler Pouch from Coleman that are quite nice if I do say so myself. They each come with their own individual cooler. Perfect for popsicles, drinks, chocolate, and what ever other items you'd like to keep from melting right away in the heat. The perfect multifunctional chair. There is also a cup holder to hold your drink as well.

They are also great for comfort. Small enough to pack away tightly and large enough for comfortable and relaxed seating.

3. A Checklist

There are so many times when we forget something that's important like bread or condiments or even napkins and it doesn't ruin everything but it can be down right annoying. Often times there are people willing to share a few napkins or even condiments but don't bet on people being ready to share chips. Create a checklist in advance of everything you need or want to bring and check it off as you are packing it all up. We are human so give yourself and your memory a break by creating a list and checking it off as you go!

4. Bug Spray

Now depending on the weather the day of the game, you may not need this at all. But being irritated by bug bites during tailgating and all the itching and scratching during the game is no fun! Pack some bug spray or citronella to keep the mosquitoes at bay so that you can enjoy yourself.

5. Great friends and entertainment

Lastly, you can't have a good tailgating experience without your good pals or a few friends and family. Well, let me take that back. You can certainly decide that you want to tailgate alone and that's fine. However, if you're wanting to create memories and traditions with loved ones invite the best people you know. Then get the music going, the grill started and let the festivities begin.

PS. only bring the pup (pictured) if you plan on spending the full game in the parking lot.

You can purchase the Coleman Collection  and other items online by going to Walmart.com with the option to pick up in your local store or choose 2 day shipping.

5 Tailgating Essentials with Coleman #tailgatingwithcoleman

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