Just a few months ago, a 25 year old young lady from New York happen to tweet about how she'd walk out on a Groupon date. Well, she was immediately met with comments by tons of Groupon fans who did not agree and it was hilarious!

I'm actually in the same boat as them. I love it! You can literally shop for anything with Groupon. I can’t tell you how often I’ve been pleasantly surprised by a good deal or happy to know that a service like theirs exist. It's convenient and for me it really is about the deal as much as it is about trying new things that I’ve never tried before. Take a look at just a few of the many retailers that you are able to shop with through Groupon below. One of my favorite is Target.com!! Yes, they do have target on here. There is something for everybody.

Just the other week I got my eyebrows threaded and tinted. I found out that since my eyebrows are already dark I really didn’t need the tint portion of the service. But it was still a great new experience and the Groupon for the threading and tinting was actually cheaper than the normal place that I go to for threading services.

If I’m traveling to another state, I usually check out Groupon deals first to see what are some of the things to do in that area. I’ve even come into the habit of checking Groupon for deals when I’m already in route to local stores and restaurants every now and then. It really doesn’t hurt to see what options are out there.

My friends and I have even planned girl’s nights, fun activities and outings using Groupon. The last girl's group outing was at an indoor inflatable bounce gym. Yes, we are all adults in our mid 20”s, early 30’s but we had a blast. I pretty much laughed the ENTIRE time at the sheer silliness and fun we were having. The last time I’d been to one of those places was in High School and let me just say that it's even more fun the older you get. We've even found tickets to comedy shows and concerts which tells you, you can find just about everything you need on there. 

Now that I’ve relocated to a new city the fitness classes, painting and even outdoor activities are great ways to connect with other locals and get to know what’s happening around town. Groupon is definitely helping me meet new people and experience new things and I love it!

So to the girl who tried to come for our beloved Groupon, If a guy used a Groupon on a date it says more about the type of person he is than anything. He’s thought a great deal about your date and his pockets at the same time. Can’t knock a guy for that! Plus, a guy that uses Groupon more than likely has an adventurous side. He's probably willing to try new things, explore new places and doesn't want to limit his experiences and perception on life based on a budget.

If you don’t know what Groupon is or haven’t bothered to use it, you’re probably living under a rock and should definitely download the app and give it a try. The variety of shopping options, the ease of use and great customer service makes them #1 in my book. 




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