And we're on the road again!!!

This time we're heading back to our home town for a little R & R with the family and a few celebrations with friends. But on our way, we are taking advantage of our little travel pack presented by BabbleBoxx.

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Not only are we so stoked about heading home for a week, but we get to travel in style.

I was just telling a friend of mine the other day how audiobooks are perfect for long trips. I've never met anyone that's such a sour puss about driving long distances, but this person is exactly that. But listening to something -anything can really help. Here's the thing... normally it can take someone a few days to read a book due to other obligations, schedules, mom/dad duties, etc., right? However, when you are on the road for hours "reading" or in this case listening to a book, it takes the edge off the long driving stint. Plus depending on the length of the book, you can finish it in a matter of hours. I'll be covering eight hours to and from my location so sixteen hours with Audible is going to be great.  I'm already so hype about it.


Audible is known for having the best audiobooks, and the largest library of performances all within an app. It allows you to experience a book without all the work of reading. Well, listening can also be tough for some of us with selective hearing but its definitely better if you need to multi-task. But here's the best part. While I'm choosing my book for the road, thanks to Audible you can do the same. Go. Right Now! To AUDIBLE. Click on the last link for your 1 month free trial. Yes, that's right. Pick you something amazing. Grab some wine and relax mamas!!! You can pick a suspense novel, romance, comedy, self help, whatever you'd like. You can download Audible audiobooks through an iPhone, Android device, Fire tablet, iPod or other mp3 Player. Get the book of your choice as part of a free 1-month trial. <--


Next up is IHOP. This place has been a staple in my family for years. Then once I had my son, this place became a weekly occurrence. My kid loves IHOP! So we were so excited to slide through their location and celebrate them as we geared up for our road trip. IHOP is officially 59 years old!! They celebrated their 59 year anniversary with 59cent short stacks. That's three Original Buttermilk pancakes if you didn't know and yes they were delish. I added fresh fruit and kept the butter on it (for old time sake). Stop into your nearest IHOP this week and keep the celebration going. They've always been great about feeding our families and children great food for years and have been so amazing about how they give back. For 59 years, guests have come to IHOP for the great food for a reasonable price and they always deliver. I actually may be a little biased. When I think about memories of my son and I, they are plenty that have been spent at these tables. We've spent so many occassions sharing pancakes, hot chocolate, and laughs at these tables. #IHOPmoment

 T-Rex® Tape

A road trip just isn't a road trip without everything you need for those just in case moments. You can never be too prepared and let me just say, T-Rex tape is actually quite impressive. consists of three different layers.

Layer one: a tough, thick, polyethylene skin, to repel even the harshest weather elements. Layer two: a thick heavy thread, tightly and securely interwoven, for reinforced inner cloth. Layer three: using a next-generation technology called co-extrusion, layer three is a double adhesive that is melted through the threads, bonding with the tape skin using heat and pressure. The double-thick, super-aggressive adhesive offers superior hold on more surfaces than other tapes – including rough and dirty surfaces in a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels. Didn't I tell you how impressive it was? There are sun-resistant materials in its skin which gives the tape its famed holding power – inside or outside. It makes it perfect for just about any fixes that require some tape. I'm keeping this roll in my trunk in my emergency bin. You just never know when it may come in handy. Check it out for yourself HERE.

Chop Snacks

My son (the non vegan) absolutely loves jerky and if I'm totally honest, Chop Snacks doesn't feel like normal jerky at ALL. I could tell immediately from feeling the package that it wasn't the normal jerky that we were used to. This was a much softer, chewier jerky based on the feel alone.  They've taken a different approach to produce "chew-easy" jerky. Its made with all-natural, USDA Choice & Select Beef Brisket. 100% All-Natural and contain no Preservatives. No Nitrites. No MSG. A snack that my son will love to munch on while on the road. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention our pup comes with us and if he plays his paw right, he's in for a treat sitting next to my son with these in his hand. Plus you can try it too at a discount. You'll get 20% off your first order with Code 5CHN79Z7Q1BE at

Pai Technology Cube-tastic! 3x3 Puzzle Cub

Cube-tastic didn't make it two seconds out of the Babbleboxx! I could barely get a photo before he took it. My son now has a mind stimulating toy to keep him occupied on the road time. The best thing about Pai is that it puts a modern twist on a classic with software that scans the real-life cube, creating an exactly identical virtual copy in the game. So, he can actually follow along with a tutorial that teaches him step-by-step how to solve the cube. It makes something that's seemingly impossible become a trick that he'd enjoy showing others. The other day he even taught me a few things. The cube enhances Problem – Solving Skills, Improves Memory, and Develops hand-eye coordination. Plus, as a reader of this blog you can enjoy 15% off Cubetastic at Just use this code: CUBETRIP

And We're on the Road Again...

Thank you so much for continuing to read this blog. We have so much fun with you guys and we want to continue that and especially continue to tell you about amazing products so stay tuned.

Check out all of these products online. You won't be disappointed.


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