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How to Protect Your Sanity in an Insane World

Protect Your Sanity in an Insane World

Protect your Sanity

One thing I’ve noticed in life is that its quite easy to get off kilter. Sometimes it has nothing to do with you and other times it absolutely does. However, the point of life is not to go through unscathed, but to go through with as about much dignity and grace as you can given the circumstances you are given. So here’s how to protect your sanity…


Distractions are always around. The greatest distractions can and sometimes will be the people closest to you, but learning to focus and stay the course is extremely important in protecting your sanity. Another distraction is yourself! Yes, I said it. We are our greatest distractions if we aren’t focusing on what’s most important. Know what that is for you and focus.


Preparation will help you stay sane. Take a few minutes before a meeting to prepare, before an interview,etc. I know this seems a little rudimentary but its going to save you. I remember this quote that used to be plantered on a coworkers desk that said, “A lack of preparation on your part… Does not constitute an emergency on my part” – Grumpy Cat.<— now I don’t really know who actually said this but “grumpy cat” could be legit. Anyway, preparation is key to sanity. Prepare, prepare, prepare.

Take care of yourself

You can’t give what you don’t have. A well that has run dry is no good for anybody so make sure you are taking care of yourself. Self care is so important and yes, you’ve heard it before and probably a dozen times over. The reality is that so many people ignore it that it has to reiterated over and over until people actually understand its value and importance in your life. So I’ll say it one more time. Take care of yourself.




Turn of the television, close up the laptop, put down the iPhone and all your gadgets that keep you plugged into the regularly mad house called life. Sometimes you just need a break and the perfect break could be a simple as 30 minutes to an hour each day. Thirty minutes away from the chatter, away from the bull, away from reality TV politics. Just unplug so that you don’t unplug. <- You can tweet that. In fact, I’ll make it tweet able below.

[Tweet “Just unplug so that you don’t unplug”]

Choose your battle

Some fights just aren’t worth the trouble, time or even thought. Often times, there are many battles that aren’t even yours, yet you get in it and waddle around while it messes up your flow. You want to keep your sanity, this one tip will help you a ton.

Choose to Be Positive


There are enough negative people in this world that are miserable and looking for company. Don’t you be one of them. Choose positivity. The glass is half full. If you start looking at it as half empty you don’t allow the opportunity for positivity to manifest. They say that your tongue has power well just think about it a little further. Studies have shown that people have the power to bringing healing in their lives just with belief. So positivity has more benefits than you think.

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