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My Word for 2017

Each year many of us choose a word for the year. Last year I chose “limitless” and let me say I did a lot of things that if I had kept limits on myself wouldn’t have been possible. I made choices first, did them, and thought about it later and it was an incredible year for me personally. I traveled, loved, said “no” to others by putting myself first, and I enjoyed it all.

This year I’m choosing something different. I thought about many other words that would be great for this year like “love”, “grounding” and “positivity”, but this year I’m all about my business. This year will make up for the years that I didn’t accomplish the things I set out to do. This year will be a year of strategy. My word for 2017 is STRATEGY.

Watch me get the work done. I also want to invite you in to do the work as well. Laying out the plans to master the goals that you set out for yourself. Tired of not finishing? Well, time to be purposeful and pursue good strategies that still allow for balance.

Although strategies are extremely important, discipline goes hand in hand with this which is why I have set some things in place to form the structure of what these strategies will look like.

My vision board like many other years is one that I absolutely love. I love everything that is on there, and I love the way it looks as well, but do I love the goals enough to work for them?

Do you love your goals enough to work for them? Join me in a year for strategy!! ….Details to come.


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    February 24, 2018 at 6:50 pm

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