There are times where we find ourselves caught in one definition of a woman once we have children. How often do we recognize ourselves as more than a mother?Once we become mothers, its often our biggest accomplishment, but we often forget who we are outside of that definition, title, or position.

Now this post isn't about should've could've would've but its about celebrating who we are beyond just being a parent. In fact, the first time I had heard anyone say that I was "more than a mother" it came from a man. A man that lost his wife shortly after childbirth. He told the story about how she put so much energy into becoming a mother and being a mother that she forgot about herself. She stopped advocating for her health knowing some of her health concerns and the risks associated with pregnancy. Her only thoughts were on her child, which is what we all do as mothers. It's not unusual for us to think of them first, sacrifice for them and be a second thought. However, in this case what she passed away from was preventable with a conversation with her doctor. Her child was born, a beautiful baby girl that came into this world and is the apple of her father's eye. But this young girl, is growing up without her mother and that is the reason for this post.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the women we fully are.

I'll start.

I'm a mother and that notion has been the fuel behind every decision I've made since the day I gave birth. My kiddo has given me the greatest joy and memories and love that I can ever contain and still can't get enough of. My love for him is unwavering, unconditional and selfless. I become a lioness every time he's hurting, ready to take on the world and all his enemies. Outside of being a mother I'm an advocate for my community, I'm a business owner, a homeowner, and a woman with multiple degrees, dreams and ambitions. I'm a daughter, a friend, a sister and an aunt. I'm corny at times and my favorite thing to do is "laugh". I'm a woman of faith, a lifelong learner and a collector of good books. I desire to travel the world, with my kiddo in tow exploring new things and exposing him to God's green earth and the people in it. I want to give back and touch countless lives through the sharing of life lessons. I never want to stop growing and being a better woman.

I'm doing this so that I never stop being me, so that I never stop advocating for myself, taking care of myself first. So that one day, I can fulfill everything I set out to do. Not just as a mother, but a woman fully living a life that is unapologetic.

Next time you put yourself in the category of not being more than a mother, think again. There is so much depth, soul, inspiration and love behind the love that we give to our children as mothers.

We are more than just a mother.

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