Hear Me Roar

My niece is incredibly gifted!

She came over to help me take down my braids yesterday. We watched movies and just talked as we worked. Picked up like we never stopped talking and having this ongoing conversation about life.

The Good, the Bad, The Ugly

But, yesterday was different. Yesterday, she shared with me her passion. I’ve never heard my niece read or even recite poetry before. My heart leaped a little as I listened to her words.

She’s got it.

The juice.

Raw talent.

I’d like to think that she takes after her auntie

But truly she’s way more gifted.

The little girl I used to walk around with on my hip was now a lady.

Fully capable of extraordinary things.

She wrote a poem about my brother.

My eyes welled up before she even got started

Because I heard it in her voice.

The pain that we both understood. It didn’t even have to be said.

She started crying and in an instant, I became strong for her.

She’s so much more like me than she’ll ever know.

Extremely strong, brave but not without deep sensitivity.

We shared that moment between the two of us.

Me listening

Her speaking

Thinking of our love, my brother, her uncle

Who never got a chance

A life full of so many gifts that the world will never be blessed with

The wind blows today and it kisses my face brushing cold against my tears.

Its my sign

My sign of life

To keep living

To keep moving forward because…


I owe it to him

To her

To them

I needed that reminder.

My niece is incredibly gifted!

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