The most exciting thing I did this week was choose new exterior paint for my house. I know that sounds a little silly and not even worth mentioning but let me tell you IT IS and for the following reasons.

  • I live on a cul-de-sac of all homes painted in pastel colors
  • I didn’t think long and hard about it
  • Only after I bought the paint did I consider my neighbors’ opinion of the color
  • It’s going to look freaking amazing!!

The best decision I've made this week
The best decision I've made this week

When the idea of painting my house came about I immediately knew it HAD to be different. The more interesting thing is that I never really thought about it. Painting my home never crossed my mind before and wasn’t on my list of things “to do” as it relates to home updates. However,  because I would be getting my siding repaired and the repair man asked if I wanted it painted along with the wood on the porch, I said yes!

What color do you want it?

I want dark grey with navy shutters.

I immediately got excited and ran to my laptop to google an image. The image was more for my mom because I could feel her anxiety and saw the worried look on her face as soon as I said it. Plus she needed to see what was happening in my mind. After looking through images I saw one that took my breath away so I changed my mind one last time. I fell in love with the idea of a dark navy blue home with white shutters. EEKKK!!!

This would be the house that I would drive up to each day.

This would be the only house on the block that wasn't pastel colored.

This would be MY home in more than one way.

It’s definitely different from painting the interior walls of your home. This decision is much more bold and not to mention much more expensive so it wasn’t going to be that easy to change or quick to fix. Now that I’ve purchased the paint, there is no way that I’m backing out now. I get excited thinking about being definitive, being different, being bold in that decision. I'm also even more shocked because my normal nature is to research until the cows come home before making most decisions.

This one decision represents growth for me.

Being authentic has a lot to do with standing in your truth, standing in your conviction and standing for yourself in everything. I’m proud of how boldly I stood in my decision to choose something that I like and I can’t wait to show you the before and after pics and let ya'll know if the neighbors decide to protest me being "different".

Bold. Balanced. Authentic

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