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Women Inspiring Women – My BlogHer16 Experience

women inspiriting women

Hey ladies,

This month for “Women Inspiring Women” I couldn’t help but come from a perspective based on my most recent experience at BlogHer. I am still trying to grasp of the of wonderful information and people that were gathered in one place over the course of several days. So through a series of highlights below, I’d like you to find some inspiration in women who are making a difference.

I listened to Dr. Priya Agrawal talk about how her and her team are working globally to #endmaternalmortality. Something that you wouldn’t think is actually happening in the United States but actually is. In the 21st century a hashtag like #EndMaternalMortality doest exist but there are amazing advocates like these women who are choosing to talk about it and change it. Sitting along side Dr. Agrawal is Katherine Schwarzenegger who has been an advocate since 17 and not pictured is @socialgoodmoms founder Jennifer James.

Women Inspiring Women 8

The next woman that made me want to go home and organize my entire life was Paula Rizzo, the list producer. Then there was the hilarious Terri Trespicio and Lucrecer Braxton. Hands down my favorite breakout of the entire conference. These ladies had the best presentation, practical steps, takeaways, great advice and even on the spot pitches and assistance. Plus a free course to take afterward. I’m still swooning over the awesomeness that existed in this one session.

Women Inspiring Women 7

Next were the ladies who talked about migraines. Go read more about the More To Migraine article I wrote by clicking here. These ladies energized me so much and I left their session thinking about how incredible it is to know that I’m not alone.

Women Inspiring Women 5

And the full blown awesomeness doesn’t stop there. I met Luvvie! Do I really need to help you understand who she is? Okay… so my mouth was open for a brief second when I saw her. So what!

Women Inspiring Women 2

Then I ran into Evelyn from the Internets who uses comedy for social change. EEEKKK!! You must check out some of her videos. She is hilarious and even in person as she interacted with my son (as he proceeded to tell all my business).

Women Inspiring Women 1

I sat next to Christine Souffrant Ntim who was selected as one of Forbes 30 under 30. You Go Girl!!! Young Gifted and Black!!

Women Inspiring Women 3

Then, I met one of my favorite Natural Hair Vloggers, @naptural85. It was definitely a fan girl moment when I walked into the JW Marriott hotel and saw her sitting in the lobby. When she waved at me I hesitated for a second like oh my gosh is she waving at me??. She is??!! I smiled and waved back trying not to be all goofy about it. I love meeting people I’ve followed and they are super nice in person.

Women Inspiring Women 4

Then Sheryl Crow, this woman spoke all kinds of life in a short amount of time. Extremely real, honest and uplifting. Her story just made me want to go eat right. I’m telling you. Her and Herbalife!

Women Inspiring Women 6

I actually cannot forget Kim K, in the post. Say what you want about her, but I actually enjoyed hearing her speak. A lot of great nuggets. At the end of the day, its us that made her famous, (or maybe I should say some of you). If you don’t like what you see stop watching, reading, consuming. However, if you do choose to watch, read, consume, know that she’s not half bad and a good business woman without any special talent that made her famous. Ha!

Women Inspiring Women 4-2

There are tons and tons more that I can talk about but I’m sure that would take all day, but women are doing the darn thang without apologies and its dope to watch. Who are some women that inspire other women? Let me know.

Bold. Balanced. Authentic.

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