It wasn’t but a few months ago that the schools in the state of Kansas were facing the possibility of closing leaving kids without a place to learn this August. Instead of kids, parents and teachers returning to school, the uncertainty in the air was certainly chilling as we all wondered how we got to this place where the education of our future children wasn't considered a priority. The Supreme Court ruled that the funding for schools located in the state of Kansas was considered unconstitutional. With this ruling, the schools could not reopen until legislators figured out a way to get it right. It only makes sense that our children are the priority but for a brief time this was furthest from the truth.

In spite of the circumstances we faced, our schools WILL be opening in August. While there is still work to be done, we are hopeful that this is a move in the right direction. However, I haven't told you the best part yet. I've teamed up with the #GivingBackPacks campaign and Wonderful Pistachios and we are providing a kid in Kansas with school supplies, a book bag by EcoCity, and tons of healthy pistachio nuts to snack on.

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What better way to celebrate another year of learning? What better way to give back and touch someone else's life? Education is such an important component to our ability as a nation to succeed in the future. Sending our children to school with the best supplies is a huge part of learning. You can't write without a pencil and what will you write on if you don't have paper. I'm sure I can go one and on to prove my point but I doubt that it is necessary.

Wonderful Pistachios 2-2I chose a young man that is relocating to KS from TX and starting his first year of middle school living with his half brother's father. Things are going to be new for him in so many ways, but what better way to welcome him to our city than with a back pack full of the supplies he'll need to succeed in school this year.

Thanks again to Wonderful Pistachios for donating several of their pistachio flavors.  EcoCity for donating their unisex back pack, and the #GivingBackPacks champions for allowing me to touch the life of someone close to home.

Wonderful Pistachios

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