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Women Inspiring Women – Threads of Sisterhood

women inspiring women

Women Inspiring Women

Today, we’re honoring women who inspire other women and I really wanted to take the time to talk about Threads of Sisterhood. I’ve only watched a few episodes but I just love what they are doing, so today I want to share it with you. These are the women you want to connect with, talk to and grow with through your own personal experiences. Each week that I watch a new video I see and feel the love through them. They are warm and genuine and there is no doubt that what they are doing is real and from the heart.

Their words of encouragement if only for a brief moment is enough to carry a huge impact and ripple of connectedness.

Check them out!

Want to know more about this Sisterhood Duo? Check them out here and catch up on all the wonderful video’s you may have missed.

Know some women that are inspiring women? Leave their info in the comments below, I’d love to feature them.


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