I wrote an article a while back talking about how often cars become like second homes for many adults, and especially families with children. Okay, maybe its more like transitional living, but it is true that our cars are often the catch all for all things on- the go.  So here’s my issue, I have consistently failed myself for years by not having a package in my car for all my little non-emergency needs.

I’ve been in the car and have sneezed only to search feverishly for non existent tissue. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I found myself becoming like macgyver and using whatever was in sight. Yuck! I know, but thank goodness for washing machines because someone’s shirt didn’t make it.

I’ve been in the car with my kid only to realize that his elbows and knees were as ashy as they could be, with no lotion in sight. I couldn’t let him go out like that…lipgloss to the rescue.

I’ve been in the car trying to multitask and apply eyeliner when my hands failed me and I wished I had a wipe to remove my makeup or fix it.

And you just never know when you’ll need a roll of toilet paper, something for chapped lips, etc.

So I thought (Genius Light Bulb Went Off), what if I use Cottonelle Clean Care Box to start my car kit. The box has tons of non-emergency items making it perfect for all the things you need. Why don’t I just add to this box and keep it in my trunk for whenever I need anything? So that’s exactly what I did. Now, if I ever need anything... I’m good, the kiddo is good, we are BOTH good to go.

clean care box

It's the best thing that's happened since sliced bread. The Cottonelle Clean Care Box is now a non-emergency + first aid car kit. Now I don't have to worry about running out of tissue, needing lotion, getting out the car with dry lips, or even minor cuts. It’s like the perfect box of stuff that you'll never not need.

As a mom, emergencies are bound to happen when you least expect them but now you’ll be prepared. Get your Cottonelle Clean Care Box online at Target.com to get you started. All products in the box are also available for sale in stores.

clean care box

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