The spectacle that took place at the Republican National Convention will forever be etched into our memories.  Although it will soon be a distant memory, as people move on to the next big thing happening in the news, its been amazing to have something to laugh about amidst the political climate we are facing in America.

But I can't just continue without stating the obvious; there's a very important lesson to be learned here that ties into our mantra of being authentic.

In every aspect of life its important to be yourself because no one can 'do you' better than you and Michelle Obama has modeled that flawlessly over the years. Getting criticized about everything from bare arms, to attire to hair only to be immaulated 4 years later by the RNC nominee's wife Melania Trump. While people say that copy is the ultimate form of flattery, it can be seen as a slap in the face to those who've worked hard to create something authentic. Inspiration is one thing. I've seen so many people gain inspiration from companies. I've even seen people in the business sector take an original idea, perfect it and make a better product but plagiarism is plagiarism.  Word for word copying is not okay. Although, this situation is being handled very casually and rather comedically, there are serious repercussions for this type of behavior in school, in business, and in life.

Plus, just think about it... Do you really want to be known as the person that doesn't know or love themselves enough to be real? Because that's exactly what authenticity is.  Authenticity is not just a word but a mantra for life. There's nothing more freeing than the ability to "BE" you. It's something that we should all learn, and truly embrace. Every mistake, idiosyncrasy, and gift that's authentically you. It's what's attractive.

So, the question remains...

What can we learn from Melania Trump?

It's to be authentic in everything.

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