Beignets in the Kansas City Rivermarket has a Louisiana feel, with a Kansas City home.

With a menu that consists of things like Shrimp Po' Boy, Black eyed Peas, Ice Cream Parfaits and White Chocolate Bourbon Bread Pudding, (which is amazing by the way) you are bound to have any craving met.

beignet Kansas City2

I kept hearing about Beignet's and so one day I decided to stop by. I went inside and felt like a kid in a candy store. There are so many great options. Beignet's menu is filled with everything tasty on this planet. I had the shrimp po boy with chips and beans. I had them throw in a bowl of jambalaya, oh you know... just to taste it and what not.  My son quickly took over and demolished it and he can be a picky eater sometimes so watching him go to town on the jambalaya was pretty amazing.

beignet Kansas City

Lastly,  I grabbed their white chocolate bourbon bread pudding for dessert. You are talking about a happy girl! Just as I have for years loved trying different fried ice cream around the city, bread pudding has been my new boo and I've tried some great ones. I can definitely say that this one hit the spot.

The decor looked as fit it was straight out of New Orleans which has always seemed kind of creepy to me but definitely an authentic ambiance that takes you to NOLA.

beignet Kansas City

Since my first trip, I've been back several times trying both the sweet(dessert) and savory(lunch) crepes and I have yet to be disappointed.

If you are looking for a new spot to try, stop through Beignets in the Kansas City Rivermarket over lunch or during the weekend with the family.


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