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When Insanity Becomes Legacy

The other day I wrote this on my personal Facebook page.

In order to be successful there must be a stage that is devoted just to growth. This requires learning, training, and building up…if you try to get up and run before you’ve established the foundation of walking you are bound to fall and continue falling for longer than you really have to. If people, establishments, leaders, etc don’t learn this… insanity becomes the legacy.  ‪#‎message‬


wheel-807546_1280Each phase of life is different but if you don’t learn what you need to learn then baby you are bound to make the same mistake again, you are bound to repeat the past, and you are bound to try and connect with a place in life that is no longer a season that you can grow in.

I was having a conversation with a co worker about how if we don’t recognize what season we are in we will leave a legacy of insanity. You know…doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If you are in a season of building up, of growth of training, learning then stay there until you can come out and be a force. If you miss this, undervalue those around you and pretend everything looks good on the outside you are setting yourself up for repeat failure. This applies to business strategic planning, your personal life and so much more.

Now let me tell you, I’ve had my fair share of failure and if there is something that I don’t want to repeat if I can prevent it, it would definitely be that.

Often times people are trying to compete or live other people’s lives. You can’t live another person’s life. Sometimes you have to take a big gulp of reality and realize that your turn is coming but if you make the mistake of not doing what you need to do in the current season of life, you’ll fall trying to run at the speed of those running beside you.

It’s just like training for a marathon. If you get up and take your butt out there without the proper conditioning and training, not only will you probably hurt yourself physically but it’s just going to be plain embarrassing. A joke to say the least.

Often times people repeat this mistake and others mistakes over and over. Don’t worry you are never alone in this. There are so many people who have had to go back for a “do over” , but at one point does it simply become insanity. At one point does the footprint of your life, the reputation of your company, leave behind the legacy of insanity. Something that was ideal or looked good on paper but never quite lived up to its potential. Something or someone who kept

I hope you read this and understand that life is about learning lessons, making mistakes and getting an understanding, but don’t miss out on everything that could be because you won’t get off the ferris wheel.

A ferris wheel goes around and around, there’s no turns or pivots and it doesn’t go backward. Your life is so much more than the repetition of insanity. Make the most of it! Get off the darn ferris wheel.

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