Do you remember writing letters to your friends at school? I do, I actually still have several of them. But it was never anything elaborate just a piece of notebook paper and a drawing if you wanted to add one. The most elaborate thing about those letters were the creative ways that we would fold them.

From common letters, to becoming a lost art, and now a new art with music, Greeting cards have come a long way. I would've never thought about a card being more than just a sentimental gesture. Now it's a full on experience that everyone you love can enjoy.

Hallmark Musical Greeting Cards

With each passing year and as we get older it becomes harder to shop for our friend's and loved ones birthday. You're either two types of people. The ones that readily admit and embrace the fact that they are getting older or the ones that go down screaming tooth and nail because you can't possibly explain to them that they are 25 +7(or more). Now, I wouldn't say that my friends and I fall into these two categories but somewhere gracefully in the middle.

Nothing quite captures the true essence of these occasion with very little words like like a sound card from Hallmark. A little music that makes you want to dance and laugh is all that's real needed.

My friend will be turning 32 before this me this year. 32!! Wait did I just really type that out. I can't believe....

Where did the time go?

The first card I chose was one that said, "I feel sorry for all of the women younger than us". Once you opened the card, MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This" comes on. It's kind of hard not to break out into a little dance. It's MC Hammer for goodness sake!! I grew up when the MC Hammer Pants were the fad and the typewriter was considered one of the cool dances. The card captured a beautiful moment in history and brought about a perfect piece of nostalgia for me and I can't wait to give it to my friend.  

The second card I purchased at Hallmark has, "It's Time to Party" on the front and "Shake Your Booty" on the inside. The music that plays is Peaches and Herb's, "Shake Your Groove Thing". All I could think about was the many days I watched reruns of Soul Train and the dances they would charasmatically do coming down that line. It's way too hard for me to keep from cracking up as my memory flashes back to this incredibly iconic place in time.

I got so inspired that I decided to make my own little video dancing to the music from my cards. Matter of fact, I need to create a new playlist after the memories this has evoked.

The reaction I got from my dog was priceless. He didn't know what to do with me. Can you caption the reaction at .14 Seconds and .18 Seconds?

From the bright colors to the variety available for any occasion, Hallmark Musical Greeting Cards are so much fun for everyone. Even babies love them. So when you are thinking of your next gift, give your loved one something a little different. A chance to travel back in time and appreciate life as each year goes by. I know I will.

Tell me I'm not the only one that knows how to do the typewriter dance...

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