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Sometimes you just need a quick getaway

Sometimes you just need to get away for a little.  

I caught a quick flight to a new city this past weekend.

I had a flight credit that was expiring in a week. I checked my scheduled and checked some prices and then I debated on even going. I thought about just forgetting the credit, but I needed the time away.

So I had a choice to make…travel or lose money. I don’t think it’s hard to figure out what I decided to do after that.

I arrived in Minneapolis and immediately took the lightrail to the Mall of America. I spent a few hours there and I immediately fell in love with the art surrounding the walls.



I had the best balsamic chicken salad at Piada Italian Street Food.


I walked past this lovely floral shop and snap a few photos of this unbelievable bouquet before satisfying my sweet tooth. 



Have you ever had a cupcake with no icing? The lady at this cute little cupcake spot told me she wasn’t a fan of icing? I have to admit that I immediately thought…How could you possibly not like icing and you bake cupcakes?! Crazy huh? Well apparently, not that crazy because this thing was completely delicious! 


Filled with cream cheese and chocolate ganache, I was in heaven with each bite.

Then I walked about 30 minutes to the University of Minnesota campus from my hotel and found this bench. It was much needed time with God. I was walking through the streets and tears were welling up in my eyes as I was having a honest conversation with God. I spent hours on this bench listening to music, absorbing the sun and taking advantage of the uninterupted time that usually escapes me. 




I wrote poetry.

I listened to music.

I focused on myself.

I faced reality

It was everything I needed.

My hotel couldn’t have been more perfect. Just check out the message on this wall.



I didn’t make any lists, and I wasn’t thinking about the oodles of work I had to do. When I got back home I just took time for me.



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