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She’s Perfectly Imperfect! Share Your Hero Annie Leibovitz

I sent my mom a text when I was in Minneapolis telling her that I wanted to take a few pictures of her once I returned to town. I had of bunch meetings after church, but eventually got to her right before the sun was going down. It was just in enough time to capture her in the perfect lighting from the sunset.

You see, I never say it as often as I should and I don’t show it as much as I feel it, but I want to honor her because she’s my hero.

She is perfectly imperfect, an unsung hero and I’m honored to say that she’s my mom.




When I think about someone who is heroic my mind doesn’t always go to the people who everyone would consider a hero. It drifts to everyday people who are living their lives in ways that deeply impact the people they encounter. Some whose faces I’ve never seen but their beauty and heroism is evidence of the truth people tell about them. Sometimes their stories are never told, but written in the book of life to one day be read. These everyday heroes are people who are willing to build others often at the cost of their own ambitions. They have a commitment to build with others and not alone, because we need each other to succeed. Some heroes are gentle natured but undeniably a “builder of kings” as I recently read the words my cousin used to eloquently describe a woman instrumental in his growth. When you encounter them your life is changed. 

One photographer that I truly believe is a hero in her own right is Annie Leibovitz who captures heroic women everyday to tell their stories to the world. Her new exhibit of women will be a reflection of the changes in women roles today. Check out the cities she will be in this year Find out how to share photos of your favorite shero below for a chance to win a trip with your hero to NYC in November to meet Annie Leibovitz and attend one of her exhibits.

My hero doesn’t wear a cape, but it’s there, right behind her flowing in the wind. 

Here are just a few reasons why I love her so much:

  • She took care of my son during a time in life where depression left me not wanting to get out of bed.
  • Her strength is incomparable. I’ve seen the ups and downs, the set backs and accomplishments. She always comes back with a vengeance and tenacity for life that’s contagious.   
  • She’s a lawyer without a law degree. We always joke about this but the way she fights on behalf of anyone that she feels is being wronged is heroism.
  • She also raised 3 children alone and that by itself is the perfect example of heroism for me as a mother as well.
  • She’s my cheerleader and my biggest fan!

Here’s the funny part. Although heroes are great, there are none without imperfections.

  • She’s an overcautious driver
  • She talks to other people in the background while she has you on the phone
  • And my number one pet peeve is when she waits until the last minute to get into the lane for the next exit.

But I guarantee knowing her makes up for all of that. lol. She is a tremendous blessing and she’s quite possibly the most selfless person I know. When I was leaving the nest and quite sure that I was enough headache to last her for a few more years, she started fostering. She’s been doing it ever since. Filling her home and reaping the reward of her teens coming back years later with their children just to say hello, reminisce and say thank you. She’s also the one they still keep on speed dial because after all, she’s the lawyer without a law degree and will go to bat for anyone who needs her.

I can’t tell you how many times she has come to my rescue. My Hero!







So mom, I honor you today with my words which simply cannot fully capture how I feel. And yes…these pictures were for the blog. Although, it’s kind of hard to surprise someone who thinks like a detective, you did good by not digging for more than my original answer. lol

Looking to honor your Hero? Share your hero using this hastag across your social media platform so the world can see! #ShareYourHero

Plus #ShareYourHero for a chance to win a trip for two to the opening of the WOMEN: New Portraits exhibition in New York in November 2016.

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