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She’s Adorned with Beauty, Style and Grace

I’m sitting in my son’s karate class and all of a sudden I catch a glimpse of this woman in the mirror. I could see her from across the room.

In between the kids yelling “ahh yaa”, and throwing kicks and punches, I see her.

She’s adorned with beauty


grace and


Adorned with Beauty

At first glance, I’m mesmerized.

She and I connect eyes.

As I look at her in the mirror in that moment I’m taken back. This woman is everything I want to be.

In her I saw




and a cute curly fro.

I saw…me. 

I wanted to cheer and scream out for her. “You Go Girl”. No particular reason but the fact that she is an overcomer and without fail astonishingly worthy of all the great things heading her way.

I gave her an approving nod and smiled slightly as I turned my attention back to my karate chopping kiddo.

She is my cheerleader, I am her muse, She is my coach, I am her sister. We are one. My reflection! We are whole, We are complete.


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