My Word for 2016

Just like every year, I'm always excited for a fresh start and opportunity to change what didn't work, to improve on things that worked well and to re-asses, re-strategize and re-launch. I was trying to figure out what my word would be for 2016. I knew I wanted to take bold steps this year and really stretch myself personally, but this wasn't any different from past years and what I wanted to achieve.

This year I wanted a word that would not only motivate me to achieve but would also affirm the person I am and continually striving to become.

So I chose,


Limitless, My Word for 2016

The value that I bring to this earth and to those around me is limitless

What I am able to accomplish and achieve is limitless

The God I serve is limitless

What does this really mean? It means I wont hold myself back. I won't put limits on what God can and cannot accomplish in my life and I will reach for the stars in every aspect of my life.

So when I try to talk myself out of a situation, or allow doubt to creep its ugly head in, I will instead remind myself of this word.

So when I'm frustrated about not achieving my fitness goals or not being as effective as I want to be, I will pick myself up by the bootstraps and remind myself of this word.

So when I pray for God to move in my life and in the life of others and it's not happening in the timing or in the way that I think it should, I will instead remind myself that HE IS this word.

I have a feeling it's going to be a great year!

limitless, my word for 2016

What is your word for 2016? Share in the comments below.


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