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Out of the Ashes You Buried Me In

I don’t know about you but music really speaks to me and lately Pandora has been the platform of choice to get access to good music. Rather I’m driving, or at home or at work, I can sign in and access music that I’ve chosen for myself.  I started a Tori Kelly station (because she’s just amaz’n) to funnel her music and other artists like her and this song by Ruth B came across my station. I had never heard a song by her before but I gave it a thumbs up so that I could hear more.

The next song I heard by Ruth was “Golden”. There was a line in the song that just stuck in my mind and I couldn’t shake it. The lyrics of course were, “Out of the Ashes You Buried Me In”. I immediately sent a text to myself with this line from the song so I wouldn’t forget it.

Out of the Ashes You buried me in

Why was it important to me?

It wasn’t just a line.

It was much more.

A reality.

It happens more often than one might think.

No one is exempt from it.

At any age you can miss it.

Miss what?

The opportunity.

What opportunity?

The opportunity to stay TRUE.

Staying true to yourself! It’s something we need to teach your daughters, say religiously to our friends, and encourage it so that it becomes a norm.

When we don’t stay true to ourselves we lose big time. The reality is that not everyone comes out of the same situation stronger, more resilient, and even more secure in who they are.

 There’s nothing worst than emerging from a relationship lost. The same things goes for a job. If you lose your identity in something that you think is going to be long term, you’ll wake up one day lost and filled with regret and anger. You won’t be as angry as you are with it (the job or the person) as you will be angry with yourself.

Stay on the path.

How can we get there? Where do we prevent losing ourselves? The answer is actually pretty simple.

We do it by knowing ourselves!

It’s easy for someone to attempt to bury you (your authentic self) in their opinions, thoughts and even limitations of you if you don’t know yourself.  I can go a step further to say that sometimes it goes beyond limitations into expectations. Some people can have expectations of you that aren’t really representative of who you are or want to be.

The good news in all of this is that if you ever find yourself in a situation where you become lost. Out of the ashes they buried you in, come out golden. Come out the fire with greater expectation and bigger dreams…



By the way… Here’s the song.

How are you living boldly and authentically?

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