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7 Beauty Hacks Using Scott’s Brand Tissue and Other Household Items

Scott’s Brand Tissue is soft enough to be gentle on your body but tough enough to get the job done. In this instance, in more ways than just the normal one.

Here are some easy beauty hacks using Scott’s Tissue from Dollar General and other household items.

Blackhead removal

Have you ever tried this one before? All you need is egg whites and toilet tissue and you are ready to roll. Crack one egg and separate the egg white from the yolk. Take the egg white and whip it until there are bubbles. Next, apply this egg white to the tissue and place it on your nose. No need to be fancy, just take your finger and dab it into the mixture and apply it. A great brand is Scott’s Tissue that is currently available at Dollar General. Use the digital coupons to get a discount off of the your next purchase.

Want to clean more than just the pores on your nose? Apply this same method on your entire face for a very lovely mask that is sure to scare your pet friends. I tried to scare my pup but he was more interested in eating the mask.  Follow up with a cleanser and moisturizer and you’re good to go.

beauty hacks using scott tissue

Morning Detox

Before you eat anything, starting off your morning with a glass of water is always ideal. This is the best way to get your system moving and working in the morning. Nothing is really worst than a backed up gut. It just doesn’t feel very good and this is will help get it going. As you make this a regular part of your schedule, try kicking it up a notch by adding some lemon juice to your water (fresh squeezed or organic lemon juice works best). Lemon works really well to cut mucus and help with the PH balance in your body. Another easy method that works wonders is adding a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to your water along with some honey. This combination really good for your gut.

Beautiful Curls

Say you packed your bag for a great vacation or an overnight at your friends house and you forgot whatever you USUALLY use to achieve beautiful effortless curls. While there are a number of things that you can do to have great hair in the morning, I’m going to tell you about a quick substitute that probably would’ve never crossed your mind. I’ll give you a hint. It’s super cheap and available in every home…Tissue. Well, I guess to be truthful it isn’t always available in everyone home. There are times when the supply dwindles and before you know it you are in a compromising position. But I digress..back to the curls.  If you are a skeptic, YouTube is sure to make you a believer.  At night, take sections of your hair and roll it around the tissue like you would if you were using a roller. Tie it “gently” in a knot to secure the curl. Remove them in the morning for loose

Lip Exfoiliant

Need to exfoliate your lips but short on time and can’t find your lip treatment? Grab a wash cloth apply warm water and rub it across your lips to remove the dead skin. It really works ladies! Just don’t get carried away. The last time I did this I rubbed entirely too much and my top lip line was red.

Too much lipstick?

This age old hack still works great! Just take some Scott’s Brand Tissue and blot your lips to remove any excess leaving your lips beautifully colored yet keeps you from looking crazy. Do you already do this? I lipstick removal

Sweat Stains?

There is definitely no a long term fix for excessive sweating this one simple step provides some temporary assistance. So, you’re heading to a very important night out and you want to stay fresh and keep your pits from looking like you ran a marathon?  Take some tissue and roll it up and place it under your arm pit.  Quick fix and get’s the job done. I’ve seen people go as far as to add pantyliner in their shirts to catch the sweat. However, if you already have some Scott’s Tissue at home, use it for a quick and free fix. How many of you have done this before?

Lipstick that won’t budge!

Turn your favorite lipstick into a lip stain using this hack. After applying your lipstick, take a piece of Scott’s tissue (If it is two-ply tissue separate it in order to get one-ply). Place the tissue over your lips and use a translucent powder over top of that to set it. Apply another coat on top of that and you now have a lipstick that should last you through the lip stain

And there you have it… 7 Beauty Hacks Using Scott’s Brand Tissue and Other Household Items. Take a trip to Dollar General and grab you a pack and don’t forget to use these digital coupons for a discount off the regular price.

Tell me what beauty hacks you use. Have you tried any of these?


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