This year, 5,000 girls from 60 countries participated in the Global Technovation Challenge. Their task? Create an app to tackle a problem in their community - all from the ground up. (Code Girl Challenge)

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These ladies are defying the odds, stepping outside of the box and solving problems within their communities. I couldn't miss an opportunity to talk about something so positive and transformative as the #CodeGirl project.

These young women are doing things they never thought they'd do before.

One girl mentioned how she originally wanted to be a Fashion Designer but that now she wants to be an Engineer.

We live in a society where girls think they have to fit a certain mold, but these ladies are being challenged in a way that thrusts them forward. It  moves them outside of what other people believe that women should be, how we should act and what we should do. ..

What the winners receive is far beyond any prize that can be given! Win or lose, they automatically WIN because their lives are being changed and they are making a difference. These girls will finish the project knowing how to collaborate on a team, create a business plan and solve issues they believe in. Entrepreneurs are being birthed, minds are being challenged, and they are doing something positive. The experience will be apart of them the rest of their lives.

The competition is tough, the issues they are solving are REAL, and get this, they are in high school!!

Follow this initiative around the world as these girls do amazing things!!!

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What coding programs are available in your area?

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