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Asking for MORE without being faithful with LITTLE

There are so many people that are looking to be blessed in such a tremendous way. They envision what life will be like when they have “arrived”. They can’t wait for things to start kicking into gear, that business taking off, and for the money to start to flow. I know because I’ve been there.

What are you doing with the work already assigned to your hand? Are you being faithful with little?

It’s definitely easier said than done at times but don’t neglect the things assigned to your hands right now by trying to grab the things in your future. Your future awaits you. It’s already yours! No one else can take it from you. Would it be sweeter to achieve everything you want right now? That’s definitely the assumption but that is not a guarantee.

If you got everything you’ve ever wanted when you weren’t prepared for it, what would be the end result? There are two things that could happen.

  1. You would not handle it properly and possibly destroy it
  2. It will destroy you.

Advice in the meantime:

  • Master the task because its part of the process. If you are promoted without mastering the task you risk failure. The process is just as important as the promotion.
  • Don’t sign up to take on more things when you truly aren’t ready.
  • If you’re tired already that’s usually a sign that something must change or when you do receive the promotion, it will take you out of here.
  • When you are faithful over a few things, God will make you ruler over many things. -Matthew 25:23. As stated before, don’t neglect the tasks assigned to your hand right now.
  • Don’t be so anxious to look like something that you’re not. People appreciate authenticity over the fake any day.
  • Don’t think that you will just have it all together once you go up. That when you make it big, the same issues that you’re dealing with wont still be around. That the same things frustrating you will suddenly disappear.
  • Get around people who see the best in you already because what you need is already in you. It just needs to be developed.
  • Don’t compete. We see people who are doing amazing things and we instantly want to be on their level. Your time, your season, your moment will come. Be patient because what you are assigned to leaves no room for competition.
  • Don’t you want to see the MORE, well its going to be very difficult getting to it if you can’t appreciate and take in everything that the LITTLE offers.Are you being faithful with little?

Practice Makes Perfect

The most crucial question that I must ask at this point in time would be; are you practicing?

It wont be long before you are doing it well and so well you have no other option but to go higher.

Are you Willing to Change?

Are you willing to do the work, to hustle, to go through the process no matter how painful, uncomfortable, ambiguous it may be? Are you willing to change your mindset if you realize that the path you were seeking was not inline with your purpose? Are you willing to change your thought process if your thoughts continually hinder you? Are you willing to change what you are currently doing if you see 01it isn’t working out?

There will come a point when you will be able to look back and say, “I remember when”. This climb, the hustle, the desire to achieve will have ups and downs but the work you put into it will make you appreciate it so much more. Be faithful over little so that you can be entrusted with so much more.

Are you being faithful with little?


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    January 18, 2016 at 6:29 am

    My future is MINE. Thank you for reminding me to be patient and faithful.

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