When I typically bake cookies I take a cookie sheet, place a piece of foil on top for easy clean up. I  dab the dough on the pan and bake them at 425 degrees. However, my friend who has to be something like Martha Stewart's cousin was telling me how she does her cookies. I went over her house a few weeks back while she was preparing some snacks for a little get together.  Her store bought rolled cookies looked perfect. I mean those suckers looked like they came from a bakery. Perfect Cookies Every Time - Artisan Metal Works. Take that Martha Stewart. (1)

I bake cookies just about every week because it's just something my son and I do. We love cookies! Just a few months back we were baking brownies consistently but for a while we've opted for cookies. Well, since I've started baking cookies I've been a little obsessed with figuring out how to make them look just as great as they taste. For starters my cookies always touch each other.  It isn't too often that they are perfectly round but these babies are always darn good.

I took my friends advice and spaced them across the cookie sheet but since I was in the frame of mind of making these great cookies I used a different cookie sheet that I hadn't used before. My cookies turned out wonderful! I did try to space them out evenly and put them in nice balls, but they still ran into each other but that was all just fine because the one thing I did differently this time made all of the difference.

I purchased these Artisan Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mats from Amazon at least a year ago. I was following a particular blogger that always posted the Amazon deals for the day. The day I purchased this silicone baking sheet was also the day that I purchased a huge crockpot for about $20 bucks. I needed the crockpot and thought the baking sheets were nice and since they were on sale I just grabbed them too. I put them aside and didn't use them until now.

Now I wished I'd only used them sooner. Each batch that I have prepared since using this dohicky has been just perfect. They are lightly brown, soft, and baked perfectly even.  I grab the cookie and twist and they basically come off the silicon sheet, no spatula needed. With cookie fiends like my son and I, the fact that cookie bits don't get stuck any longer is great! It's called, no cookie left behind.

Who knew just using something that I already had in the cabinet would make such a difference. Now, I get perfect cookies every time and no complaints from the kid.

You can also shop all of my favs including this Silicone Sheets in my Amazon Store by clicking the "shop" tab. They come in a pack of two and have 2,400+ Ratings so you don't just have to take my word for it.

What is your secret tips when it comes to baking?  Has anyone tried silicone bake ware? How do you like it?

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