A couple of years ago I set out to make Independence much more personal for me. I never intended for it to be that way but it's just how it happened.

I had been holding on to a 2 year relationship that had gotten pretty serious but the truth was, it was long over.  The more I tried to hold on, the more I was losing myself, my peace, my joy and my smile. I vowed that on that day I would say goodbye and never turn back.  So as I watched the fireworks take off into the sky I resolved in myself to let freedom ring. Every year since, its been my favorite thing to do. If I don't do anything else I need to be somewhere where I can see the fireworks explode. Because in that moment, not only do I get to celebrate America's Independence but I celebrate my own as well.  I think about everything I'm letting go of and the new start that awaits me. So as the night enters the sky and the moon shines through the darkness, I know that after tomorrow there is a new day and I'm free of whatever I want to be free of. I have the power to make that choice. But guess what, the wonderful thing is that we have the power and the choice to do this each day and not just on Independence Day.


My-Own-Independence-Day_-Saying-goodbye-to-yesterday-Celebrating-and-anticipating-tomorrowMy own Independence [Tweet "My Own Independence Day. Saying goodbye to yesterday, celebrating and anticipating tomorrow - Mellissa (shesmileswithin.com)"]

With each passing day, the new sunrise signifies new mercy and promise for a new day. Make each day what you want it to be.

So as I light my sparkler this year, or sit down to watch the fireworks I'll be thinking of each of you. Where you are in your lives right now and hoping that with the rise of the sun, you'll be saying goodbye to the things that are holding you back. Saying goodbye to friendships and relationships that are unhealthy for you in order to make room for the BEST. Determining in yourself to get around the obstacles that stand before you and pursuing a Happy Life with a vengeance.

Let Freedom Ring!

With Love,


12 thoughts on “My Own Little Independence Day

  1. Congrats on your own Independence Day! I too identify with this day and having my own indepencence from an abusive parent. I see the freedom in the choices I made and it should be celebrated. Sometimes you just have to let go of all the negitivity in your life and draining relationships and just go discover who you are!

  2. I’m sorry to hear about what happened to the relationship. I am glad that you are happy now and enjoying your independence.

  3. “My Own Independence Day. Saying goodbye to yesterday, celebrating and anticipating tomorrow…” I love the quote. It’s very inspiring and so true. We should say goodbye to the things that hold us back to make room for new beginnings. Happy Independence Day!

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