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Huggies Triple Clean Wipes Vs The Family Car

Huggies Triple Clean Wipes Vs The Family Car

There are 101, if not more ways to use Huggies Triple Clean Wipes from Walmart. Our family vehicle has become like a second home. We’ve eaten here and have taken naps in here and I’m not just talking about the kid. Yes, I can admit that after a long day, on some occasions I don’t quite make it into the house. I sit still with the intent of getting out in a moment only to wake up 15 to 20 minutes later not realizing that I’ve fallen asleep. There are even an innumerable amount of times when we’ve all had to dress in the car. You know, in between a wedding and a football game,  mommy duties, social obligations, kids obligations, etc.

Well just like our homes, its inevitable that our cars are going to get messy and we need something that will help us get the the job done on a moments notice. Thanks to Huggies new & improved wipes with triple clean layers, we can do just that. Now, keep in mind that my son is 11 years old and has been out of diapers for more than 9 years. However, I still carry wipes with me because they just come in handy for everything. Including cleaning the car. Huggies2

I was looking inside my cup holder the other day and it was filled with gunky, gooey sticky stuff from sodas and whatever else just happened to land in there. I took the Huggies Wipes that I keep in my car’s consol and started cleaning it out. The cup holder looked practically brand new again. The great thing about using wipes is that they can get into just about any nook and cranny to take care of those hard to reach spaces. My cup holder looks so much better now as I’m sure you would agree. This was pretty icky but no mess is too messy for Huggies Wipes.

Do you still think they are just for cleaning baby bottoms now?

Huggies Cleaned Cupholder


Check out the difference one swipe of these Huggies Wipes made to my dusty dashboard. Did you know that the dashboard becomes a magnet for dust, hair, and just about everything flying in the air? Huggies Fights Dust

Our cars consistently deal with our shenanigans on a daily basis. We eat and go, we spill coffee, we get in and out tracking dirt, rain, mud, snow and sand in the car. Even, the dog jumps in for occasional trips to the park and to other places. (I could really go into the topic of the dog traveling in the car and tell you about some other messes we’ve had to clean but I’ll spare you and let you use your imagination. Isn’t he the cutest though? The kid was definitely all tuckered out that night). 20150410_171359-0122

The other night, I took the kid to experience his first Drive-In and guess what we ate. That’s right, you can’t go to the drive in without enjoying a funnel cake. Disclaimer: I really tried my best not to get one but he kept talking about how good it smelled and before you know it I was sucked in. So there we were, eating again in the car with sticky fingers and powder sugar dust going everywhere but I had my wipes so we were just fine.

Huggies Clean Sugar


The uses for Huggies Wipes doesn’t just stop there. The other day I used my wipes to get some syrup that my son spilled from off of the countertop. The great thing about huggies wipes is that they are gentle, so I’m really not opposed to using them anywhere.   You can use them for your body. You just never know when you will need to freshen up a bit and because they are made for bottoms, you can use them as well.  Sticky faces and hands are no issues. I also use Huggies Wipes for electronics, rather its my cellphone, my television screen, my laptop, or my desktop monitor.

So next time, you think Huggies Wipes are just for babies remember that they are for everything, Because Kids Outgrow Diapers, Not Messes. Check them out at your local Walmart.


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