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Everyday Essentials for the Busy Lady

Everyday Essentials for the Busy Lady
Everyday Essentials for the Busy Lady


I’m sharing my Everyday Essentials for the Busy Lady. These are items that I love to use on a daily basis and know that you would love them as well.

Smell Fresh

1. Victoria Secret Luscious Kisses. I purchased this fragrance quite a while back and quickly ran out. It is a soft smell, sweet and subtle. I love the scent and I know you will too.

2. Altoids, yes!  Altoids or gum always come in handy.  Altoids packs a strong punch providing fresh breathe throughout the day.

3. Dove Advanced Care is a newer deodorant that I recently purchased due to an Influenster recommendation. Since I’ve purchased it, I’ve quickly realized that I found my new favorite deodorant. It comes in so many scents, helps to even skin tone and last 24hours. Yes, you can still smell the freshness after wearing it for hours. Put it to the test.  It’s gentle, it smells  great and lasts all day.

4. I’ve been in situations where I didn’t have lotion and I felt like I was in a horror film. Have you ever been in a rush and ran out the door without applying a moisturizer only to be plagued by dry skin around your ankles, in between your fingers, your knees and elbows? Yeah, well say goodbye to those days and use Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum. It promotes the healing of dry, cracked skin.

Feeling Good

You can have on the cutest clothes in the world. Your makeup can be flawless but if your hair isn’t right then the whole look goes kerplunk. My cousin says that good hair days should be documented. Well, my best hair days consist of 3 tools:

5. Bobby Pins

6. Ecostyler Gel

7. Black Elastic Hair Ties

I literally can make miracles happen with these three items. Your talking about a bad hair day turned right side up in no time at all.

Look Good

I enjoy simple lips which means a nice moisturizing lip balm is all I need. My absolute favorite are the sheer Sugar lip balms by Fresh. They make your lips feel amazing and are very moisturizing.

I love to look made up without looking over done and there are a few go-to items that help me accomplish that everyday. I don’t know who invented blush but I truly believe that it is an underestimated beauty secret. I wear blush daily to polish off my look even if I’m not wearing foundation or anything else. The right blush has a way of making me look beautiful without a whole lot of effort. My favorite blush right now is 9. MAC Sheertone-Shimmer-Blush-Plum-Foolery.

The next thing that I have to wear is liner. Many people will argue that its all about the lips but I truly believe that making the eyes pop with liner is important. So even if I don’t have mascara, I will use a liner to accentuate my eyes. My favorite liners are dark brown twist up liners. These can be purchased at drug stores or online and are pretty reasonably priced.

11. My go-to lipstick color is nude that’s why I opt to wear Wet N Wild Lipstick Bare It All #902C . Wet N Wild is known for having the inexpensive dupes for most major lip colors. Bare It All is an understated color that looks beautiful as an everyday lipstick.

Last but not least  12. Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss, 111. For years, I thought I could not wear red lipstick until I found this color. Its the first color that I will proudly put on my lips and get so many compliments. I love a simple look but this red has made me want to dive into the deep end of lipsticks to try out so many more. The perfect color makes such a difference and this color looks good on everyone I know that has worn it.

Well that’s all! Thanks for allowing me to share my Everyday Essentials for the Busy Lady. I hope that you fall in love with some of these items just as I have. Every item mentioned can be found online through Check the links. If you are a prime member you can get all of these items and most things purchased through Amazon within two days (free shipping). Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Ok, ladies… Tell me what your everyday essentials are!!!





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    July 9, 2015 at 4:16 pm

    I love these picks! I’ve heard so many good things about the sugar balm from Fresh.

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