The importance of great photos in any arena rather it be personal, blogging, social media, etc shouldn't be minimized. A great photo is like the perfect business card. There is a quote that says, "you may not remember what a person said but you will never forget the way they made you feel". I believe this statement holds true when it comes to our photos. They are the first thing that people often see when connecting with us, rather someone is viewing your business card, website, brand or anything else for that matter, you want it to make an impression.

Before someone is ever introduced to you in person, they may take the time to look you up on social platforms and they'll either say, "there's something about them that I like" or decide that they aren't very excited to meet you.

Well, I found a great way to enhance photos quickly and effortlessly through a mobile phone app called Snapseed. You can download it through google play HERE or through iTunes by clicking HERE. You'll thank me later.

Have you ever taken a picture that you just loved but it was too dark? You reason within yourself on rather or not you should use it. Finally, you decide to post the picture as is and you realize very quickly that it wasn't the best idea. Some pictures are perfect darkened but sometimes an extra pop of light it just the tool needed to bring everything together.

Check out these pictures below.  These are just a few editing examples. The photos to the left are good photos but the lighting in the room just could not produce the photo that I needed. However,  after using Snapseed the second photo (to the right) turned out to be the perfect photo for an Instagram update.



If Snapseed doesn't work for you, don't stop trying new ways to lighten your photos. The great thing about Snapseed is that you can chose the level of brightness or even darkness for each picture. Sometimes a subtle change is really all you need, but there will be times when you'll want a drastic change in the original photo's lighting.

Some other recommendations for lightening photos are Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom has been made accessible by phone and through your desktop so you can choose the best method of editing that's right for you with this software.

Another option is Adobe Photoshop Express, which is the mobile equivalent of the desktop edition of Photoshop. Express has fewer features than desktop Photoshop, but it will allow you to sharpen, brighten, and crop photos directly on your phone or mobile device. So you get great photos before they even leave your phone. Available on both Apple and Android devices.

Have you used or are you using any apps or PC photo editing software that worked well for you?

Share your success or failures with them below.

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