Having Money does not equal Happiness


If I had more money, I’d be happy is an age old belief that isn’t 100% true. Having money does not equal happiness. However, having money would solve a lot of financial problems if you utilize the resource correctly.  Which in turn will relieve some burdens and result in a happier you but does it … Read moreHaving Money does not equal Happiness

Easy Lemon Tarts for Any Occasion- Nestle Cookie Dough

Heading to a baby shower, a bake sale coming up, or need a quick dessert recipe for a party? You may just want to try this out. Something that has become popular at various events are finger-sized foods. Some people want to feel like they can have a taste without the whole kitten caboodle of calories … Read moreEasy Lemon Tarts for Any Occasion- Nestle Cookie Dough

Dark photos? Let’s fix it.

The importance of great photos in any arena rather it be personal, blogging, social media, etc shouldn’t be minimized. A great photo is like the perfect business card. There is a quote that says, “you may not remember what a person said but you will never forget the way they made you feel”. I believe this statement holds true … Read moreDark photos? Let’s fix it.

We All Learn Differently

This one is for my students…  You don’t have to teach to understand that we all learn differently. We could be sitting in a room full of people being introduced to the same information but everyone in that room will process what’s being presented differently. You see, learning is not just based on the classroom setting, lighting method etcetera, but who … Read moreWe All Learn Differently