When I think about how amazing you are it astonishes me; but what shocks me even more is the fact that you don't know it. I find it sometimes difficult to understand why you have such a hard time seeing how exquisitely beautiful you are in your uniqueness. You don't see how grandiose you are in your little shell. Capable of so much more than you think.  If you ever have to wish for anything, wish that you will be who God designed you to be. Wish for amazing things to happen right where you are. Wish to see yourself as your own heroine in the book of life that's being written. Discover new talents, Seek amazing adventures, and learn more about who you are each day.

Over time you learn how crazy unique and amazingly gifted you are. Sometimes it isn't as apparent because we spend so much time wishing we could do this or that like someone else. It's not until we tap into what we were naturally gifted to do that it's revealed.

You Amaze Me

I'm inspired to do the unthinkable, to (17)

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