When you were little what was that thing that you proclaimed to everyone that you wanted to be when you grew up? Better yet, now that you are an adult what is that one thing that you still want to be when you grow up? Yes, don’t be afraid to answer that question. It really isn’t as unusual as you think. You are never too old to reinvent yourself. I hear so many stories about people in their seasoned years in life seeking something new, something that brings them fulfillment, something they should’ve done years ago.

A few years ago I was thinking about going back to school for Nursing. I was attending an informational meeting and I remember seeing an older lady walk into the room. I remember questioning in mind mind if she was an instructor or if she was there to get information like me. Lo and behold, she was there to get information. She was the mother of adult children who had accomplished their goals in life with her help but now it was her turn, and why shouldn’t it be? She wanted to spend the rest of her life as a Nurse taking care of others. I’m sure her journey wasn’t short of naysayers and people who just didn't understand.

However, there's one thing you have to understand for yourself, the fact that not everyone is going to agree with you, and Not everyone is going to support your dreams, especially if it doesn’t make sense to them. Heaven forbid you are currently in a very successful career because that would mean that you must be out of your mind, going through a midlife crisis or something worse. Why in the world would anyone possibly think to give up anything that is working just fine in order to start over?

Come in closer to me, I have a secret to tell you...

The wonderful thing about a dream is that only one person can see it…the person who dreams it. Say what now? Yes, I said it.  Your dreams are yours and if you are blessed, there will be someone there to root for you. Someone who will feel that thing as if it was their own burden to carry. If not, its ok but in the end, you won’t have to go through life dealing with should’ve, could’ve, would’ve. Right?


If money wasn’t an issue, how many of you would still do what you are currently doing as a profession/career? ….I’m waiting. The reason why I’m waiting is because I know too many people who are looking for an out. Just as many people that are rushing to fill a job in Corporate America, there are just as many trying to leave. Hmm…reminds me of what people say about marriage, but that’s another day, another post.

Often times when we set out for college we have the desire to do what’s best for ourselves but the pressure from parents and society almost always get to the best of us. It puts many in a situation where we choose based on stability, longevity, and not necessarily what we truly want. The flip side to that is getting a degree in the career we want to pursue but due to the lack of jobs, work experience among other things, we choose a different path in order to make a living. Then, you guessed it, we become really good at it. A friend and I have had this conversation before, it is possible to be really good at something but still not be doing what makes your heart happy. It’s called adapting and making the best of a situation. Before you know it, you’ve progressed up the ladder and have made a career out of it. Could this be similar to your story?

Did you ever stop to think about how society is missing out on your art work or how great you would be as the CEO of that company you’ve always wanted to start? The saying goes…if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, right? But who is going to fix that longing in your heart for something more?

I’m not trying to push you off a ledge here, but if there is something that tugs on your heartstrings to do, it’s probably because you were meant to do it. Not ready to take a major leap yet? Start slow. Pursue your dreams in your spare time. Just know that eventually you will run into an intersection when a decision has to be made. Just know that it will all work out fine. Don’t believe me?…check out some of these brave people who have done it. I’m sure you even know of some in your personal life.

Reinvent Yourself

Check out some of these amazing stories. You’ll never know how amazing you are until you try.

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In 2014, I took a leap of faith and let me tell you it hasn’t been the easiest path but I’m enjoying the journey. Check back next week for the final article from the “Living Your Authentic Life” Series. Part Three (3) will be all about my own journey toward Living My Authentic Life.

Have you or anyone you know reinvented themselves? Please share for the purpose of encouraging others to take a leap of faith.

What’s next for you?

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  1. The late Truett Cathy started Chick-Fila-A in his 50’s. He recently died at 94 but in the last 40 years managed to build a profitable business and business model admired by many. You are never too old to try something new.

  2. These are actually fantastic ideas in on the topic of blogging. You have touched some good things here. Any way keep up wrinting.

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