I took my son to see Boxtrolls this past weekend.

**By the way…This is a spoiler alert. If you plan to see the movie, don’t read the content below. However, I am so glad that you stopped by my page. Come by more often ;-). **

A quick synopsis of the story: Snatcher, the villain of the story was someone who desired to change his course in life. He wanted a “white hat”. The white hat in the movie represented an elite status of privilege, control and power. They made the decisions, they represented the town and lastly were able to do something that no one else in town could. Snatcher would do anything to earn one of those hats. He went about trying to earn his right to wear one through dishonesty, oppression of a group that was different from him (hmm), and even pretending to be a woman. Yes, it was quite pitiful and comical to say the least, but It literally meant that much to him. The one thing that the elite could do that no one else could was indulge in the most expensive, tastiest chunks of cheese. They would sit around and make decisions concerning the town (or not) while tasting and reviewing the spread of cheese that was laid before them. It wasn’t until further on in the story that the fact that Snatcher was allergic to cheese was revealed. Nonetheless, he would stop at nothing for his opportunity to change his status. And guess what…At the end of the movie he got the chance to “enjoy” his piece of cheese at a table of “white hats”. Before he dramatically and hesitantly placed the piece of cheese on his tongue, he exclaimed, “This is my destiny” to the young boy who tried to tell him that "the cheese, the hats, none of it made" him. I sat there confused and oddly entertained. How could he possibly think that indulging in cheese was part of his destiny when he was deathly allergic it?!!!! It’s like watching someone who is lactose intolerant eat nacho cheese dip. You want to knock that chip right out of their hand and on to the floor. Noooo!!!!!!

Don’t do it, it won’t change who you are…

He swallowed the piece cheese and everyone sat in silence as his tummy rumbled slightly. Then, all of a sudden, his body “swelled like a balloon and burst into a hurricane of yuck”.  Was this an example of denial at its best or was this pride? He had to have known that the thing he wanted so badly would result in his demise! But this guy was determined and was willing to risk it all for a chance to be a part of the elite club. What are you compromising, giving of yourself or trying to do in order to fit in. It really is okay to be outside the box, different, or peculiar. Just be who you are. “You don’t have to be special to be special in your own way” – says my ten year old son. He wanted to provide his input but even he understands what we all should already know.

I see so often people try to fit a mold when they weren’t made to fit into it. Heck, I’ve even been guilty of it. Can you imagine someone shaped as a square trying to fit into a circle shaped car? Shoving their body in, removing and destroying valuable and unique parts of them.  Only to finish the forceful shoving event by screaming the words “perfect” as they agonize and long for release. Can you imagine how uncomfortable it is? It’s even more uncomfortable to watch. Have you ever witnessed this in your personal life? How often do we do this at work, with friends, colleagues and even with family members. Why aren’t people comfortable being themselves. Being yourself doesn’t mean you have to do something crazy or aim for shock value in order to impress. Being yourself means being so comfortable in who you are that nothing can keep you from being true to that. You know what I think? I think fear keeps us from being ourselves. Fear of judgment, fear of not being accepted, fear of being alone. Ask yourself if a lifetime of loss is worth not facing this fear? You lose joy, freedom, individuality, and the opportunity to be someone that others can look up to. #BeYourself #shesmileswithin

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