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Loving Yourself

Loving Yourself!
I remember having a conversation with a friend a few years ago about how I was focused on “Loving Myself”. This is something that we say often when we have reached a crucible in life and just need to push the pause button.

But what does that really mean?

What are we seeking and trying to find during this time?

She began to share with me about a friend that was focused on “accepting the love of Christ”. WOW! This conversation struck a chord so deep for me that I still think about it often.

The love of Christ is the GREATEST love and I believe we (men and women) sometimes struggle with truly accepting it. I know we believe he loves us but do we truly ACCEPT that love? Stop for a minute and truly hear what I am trying to convey and not the words you are reading. Yes, please think about it and let it marinate for a second before continuing. When you accept his love you love yourself as he loves you. You begin to see yourself as he sees you. You stop looking at yourself through your own lens or the opaque lenses of people who think they know you and you see your father’s love and his plans.

Loving Yourself

Think about some things you’ve done, said, allowed or even thought… if you’d accepted his love could some of those things been prevented or some of those thoughts shut down before they manifested into something else? Certain actions manifest from a place of feeling unloved and no one is exempt. The foundation for truly loving yourself isn’t always about self discovery, reading a best seller, treating yourself to a shopping spree or makeover. While all these things hold value to some extent, the true foundation of loving yourself is about understanding the GREAT love that HE has for you. ACCEPTING it which means fully embracing it, letting it overtake you, mold your mind and transform your heart. It’s about loving the perfectly imperfect person you are today. I could go on and on. LOVE IS SO POWERFUL! Just think about how a hug or a smile can change a person’s whole day and to think these are just small expressions of love.

1 John 4:18 Perfect Love also casts out fear. Some things birthed by fear: insecurities, doubt, anger, inability to trust (just to name a few). From those seeds come branches of discord, confusion, unfaithfulness, etc. I felt like I heard this at the right time in life but I wish I would’ve caught it much sooner. So for those of you reading… please catch it, accept it and run with it. There are periods in your life when you will forget but save yourself the drama and keep this hidden in your heart, on a piece of paper in your purse or where ever else you need to put it.

“I will fully ACCEPT the Love that Christ has for me for HE is LOVE and Loving myself means accepting his LOVE”


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